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Pool party.

Imagine a hidden Chateau Marmont, but with fewer rules and more floaties. Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Elle Macpherson--since the 1980s, photographer and art collector Jean Pigozzi's home, Villa Dorane, has served as a clubhouse for pop culture's biggest stars who descend upon the Cote d'Azur for the invite-only bacchanals at his kidney bean-shaped pool. Showcasing selections from his collection of intimate photographs shot on Polaroid and Leica cameras, the new book Pool Party (Rizzoli) offers a voyeuristic glimpse at the larger-than-life characters that pass through the Mediterranean bolthole each summer. See Michael Douglas lounging on a cobblestone pathway with an analog phone fastened to his ear (1990), Naomi Campbell gleefully smoking a poolside cigarette near the resident dogs (1993), Mick Jagger attempting to give Helmut Newton an unsolicited toss into the water (timeless). Every year they come to partake in Pigozzi's no-frills brand of revelry. The recipe: "Pretty girls, quite a lot of rose wine, good simple food, and the sunshine," he says. And, of course, a stockpile of blow-up toys. "Each summer I put a few new inflatables in the pool; they must have lots of sex because every day I find new ones born overnight." One can only imagine what else he finds strewn about come morning.--Nate Storey



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Author:Storey, Nate
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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