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Ponton, Lynn. The sex lives of teenagers; revealing the secret world of adolescent boys and girls.

Plume. 285p. notes. c2000. 0-452-28260-8. $13.00. SA*

Ponton's subtitle is not at all inaccurate: "Revealing the Secret World of Adolescent Boys and Girls." In chapters that are almost cutely titled, Ponton packs quite a wallop and loads of information. She does indeed reveal a world that many adults might be familiar with, just not necessarily with regard to adolescents.

Confused they may be, groping for answers and guidance, too--but modern teens are more savvy and experienced than most adults give them credit for being. They may not have done everything but they certainly know how to do it and what tools to use. Ponton lets us know this and is reassuring as much to her teen readers as to the adults who should also be reading this book. The book covers a lot of ground, from dating to puberty to sexual fantasies, masturbation, intercourse, homosexuality, pregnancy, STDs, abuse and violence. Each chapter is honest and even daring but also filled with good advice and factual material.

What enlivens the book is the use of personal stories and examples from actual teens that Ponton has encountered and helped. Each of the YAs is vivid, if not for their personalities then for what they have done or experienced sexually. Teens will love this not just because it is titillating but also because it is informative, matter of fact, and useful. YAs grasping for answers will find many of them here or ways to connect. Teens who are in the midst of life experiences they find confusing, overwhelming, or onerous will find some solace in the stories of others who have taken similar paths. Most of all teens will see that they are not alone in their experiences, feelings, and reactions to events in their lives. This is a must read for YAs and anyone who in close proximity to one. Joseph R. DeMarco, Libn., St. Joseph's Prep. Sch., Philadelphia, PA
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Author:DeMarco, Joseph R.
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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