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A spokesman for Pomini of Brecksville, OH and Pomini's parent company in Costellanza, Italy said that Pomini has filed suit against Farrel in the U.S. District Court, charging Farrel with interfering with Pomini's customer relations, with misrepresenting the outcome of the arbitration between the parties and with breaching a confidentiality agreement in the International Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, Pomini is contesting Farrel's efforts to enforce the arbitration decision based on Farrel's failure to abide by its terms, Farrel's misrepresentations regarding the decision and the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal. The International Chamber of Commerce rejected Farrel's efforts to enjoin Pomini from competing with Farrel with the result that Pomini is selling as usual its internal mixers and spare and replacement parts throughout the world.
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Title Annotation:internal mixer company files suit against Farrel alleging that they interfered with Pomini's customer relations
Publication:Rubber World
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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