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Pomegranate improves sperm quality.

Pomegranates have traditionally been associated with fertility. Now, scientists have shown that there may be a scientific basis for this belief, in terms of improved sperm quality. *

Researchers divided male rats into four groups. Each group received either water or one of three increasing concentrations of pomegranate juice, daily for seven weeks. After seven weeks, all animals were assessed for the status of several blood enzyme antioxidants. Various parameters related to sperm quality--including motility, concentration, and spermatogenic cell density, among other measures of sperm health--were also assessed. Additionally, investigators measured malondialdehyde, which serves as a biomarker for oxidative stress.

All of the pomegranate juice-fed animals exhibited markedly higher levels of antioxidant enzymes, including catalase and glutathione peroxidase. They also had higher levels of vitamin C and significantly decreased malondialdehyde levels, compared with control rats. Pomegranate-fed rats also showed significant improvements in sperm-health parameters.


* Turk G, Sonmez M, Aydin M, et al. Effects of pomegranate juice consumption on sperm quality, spermatogenic cell density, antioxidant activity and testosterone level in male rats. Clin Nutr. 2008 Jan 25 [Epub ahead of print].

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Date:May 1, 2008
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