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Pom to replace hdpe in small tanks for material benefits.

Celanese Corporation has launched Hostaform [PT POM, a low-permeation and toughened polymer specifically designed for demanding small off-road engine (SORE) applications, jerrycans and other containers.

The company celebrated 50 years of the Celcon/Hostaform acetal copolymer (POM) product line at K 2013, and launched the new line to coincide with the anniversary.

A low permeation toughened POM, the grades deliver a "balance of impact and durability performance", claimed the group.

"Celanese specifically designed its Hostaform S 9364 LPI for injection moulding and S 9364 LPB for blow moulding to perform in fuel systems that use 'advanced fuels'," said George Zollos, Celanese Market Development Manager, POM.

Traditionally, SORE fuel tanks have been moulded from HDPE, but new regulations in the US require manufacturers to find a cost-cornpetitive alternative material.

Celanese used a proprietary hybrid POM technology to create the new grades, which feature barrier properties inherent to POM resin--i.e. they do not degrade, scratch or wear.

The group claims its new line can offer up to a 25 percent reduction in manufacturing time compared with other gas tank materials.

Crucially, for the target application, the material exhibits strength and impact properties suitable for tank durability at -40'C, as well as long-term fuel resistance.

"In addition, the Hostaform LPT POM property profile can help customers increase their productivity via faster cycle times, which can save energy and lower their unit per tank costs," Zollos said.


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Comment:Pom to replace hdpe in small tanks for material benefits.(NEWS)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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