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Polyurethanes & RIM. (What to See at NPE 2003).

Although there is scant representation of polyurethane materials and equipment at NPE 2003, you will find some new and upgraded equipment at the show.

High-pressure machines

Recently introduced high-pressure RIM machines will be featured by both Hi-Tech Engineering and Krauss-Maffei Corp. Hi-Tech will showcase EcoRIM, which has been developed as an affordable alternative to low-pressure machines. K-M's new generation of the Rim-Star Eco II high-pressure machine for open pouring is notable both for its reduced price and because the entire system, including day tanks, sits on a single skid that can be carried by a forklift. K-M will also show its new SC version of the Rim-Star Eco II--a more advanced closed-loop machine.

Form-in-place gasketing

For those with a taste for automation, a new form-in-place gasketing work cell with a low-pressure foam dispensing system is being showcased by Liquid Control Decker. This compact (20 x 20 in.) Excell 500 system can be configured for flow rates from as little as 1g/sec up to 50g/sec. It incorporates precision gear pumps and a servo-driven disposable dynamic mixer with patented snuff-back. Servo drive provides position repeatability of [+ or -]0.001 in. The system has continuous material recirculation, nucleation, and Windows-based controls with a touch-screen.

Mixheads on display

New and upgraded mixing heads will be on hand at the exhibits of both MHR, Inc. and Gusmer. MHR is introducing the MHR-DT "Dual Tilt" L-style high-pressure mixheads in a wide variety of sizes, including duplex sizes. They are said to be very competitively priced. Gusmer will showcase its broad line of upgraded mixheads.

Exhibitor Listings

Includes RIM, foam, and elastomer materials and equipment. New developments appear in boldface type.


Booth 638

Presenting videos and literature on its broad line of polyurethane high- and low-pressure metering machines and mixheads.

C.O.I.M. S.P.A

Booth 12527

Introducing from Italy Hydrolar polyurethane aqueous dispersions for tanning industry synthetic leather, and adhesives. Also showing Diexter and Isoexter polyester polyols for flexible and rigid foams and Urexter and Urecom PUR systems for footwear.


See Liquid Control Decker


Booth 9020

Showing line of RIM mixheads and videos of high-pressure RIM equipment: RIM Cell C, Rim Cell RX, and Delta RIM.


Booth 10201

Featuring recently introduced EcoRIM two-component, high-pressure metering machine designed as an affordable, no-flush alternative to low-pressure machines.


Booth 10201 (Exhibiting w/Hi-Tech Engineering, Inc.)

Supplies pouring, foaming, and RIM systems for automotive, appliance, furniture, panels, and elastomers. Showing low-pressure polyurethane equipment that can be used with pentane.


Booth 2002

Showing the new-generation Rim-Star Eco II high-pressure mixing/metering machine, including its new high-end version. Also will have information on [CO.sub.2] gas-assisted RIM.


Booth 4330

Introducing Excel 500 automated form-in-place gasketing work cell for low-pressure PUR foam. Combines Liquid Control's C-500 XYZ automation platform with a Decker Excell machine fitted with a Paradyne mixhead. Suitable for gasketing, sealing, bonding, filling, and other automated dispensing.


Booth 10724

Introducing Dual Tilt L-style high-pressure mixheads in a variety of sizes. New Rexroth distributorship expands its chemical meteringpump repair business to encompass sales and repairs on all RHL C-Range and Rexroth A2VK Series pumps. Also showing DST Magnetic Drive Couplers, which use rare-earth magnets to stop chemical leakage by eliminating shaft seals and encapsulating chemicals within a stainless-steel canister.
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