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Polyurethane dispensing.

The C-Pour high-pressure, impinge mix reaction injection molding (RIM) gun and metering/tempering unit is designed to pour either flexible or rigid polyurethane into molds or onto parts for filter applications and other applications requiring the dispensing of low flow rates of polyurethane. The C-Pour mechanical cleaning, high pressure impingement mixing head answers the filtration market's demand for a solution to eliminating the solvent flushing and purging associated with dynamic and dynamic/static metering, mixing and dispense equipment, according to the company. The C-Pour system features a mechanical self-cleaning (solventless), L-type impinge mix gun that is capable of circulating two-component chemicals through the gun impingement rod and back to the supply reservoirs when not pouring. This is said to assure that pressures do not fluctuate and also to eliminate lead/lag. (Liquid Control Decker)

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Title Annotation:Equipment
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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