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Polysar: a North American partnership ... backed by a world leader.

POLYSAR A North American Partnership...Backed By A World Leader

The company which earned the first patent for synthetic rubber, Bayer AG of Germany, is now one of the world's largest suppliers of these essential materials. It attained that status late last year with its acquisition of the Polysar synthetic rubber business.

The integration of Polysar into the Bayer group brings increased stability, new opportunities for progress, and renewed focus on the needs of the rubber consuming industries. Polysar joins another Bayer company, Mobay Corporation of Pittsburgh, in the North American rubber business.

Their combined product lines offer industries worldwide a versatile array of raw materials: butyl and halogenated butyl, butadiene, chloroprene, nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile, ethylenepropylene, ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer, styrene-butadiene, and styrene-butadiene block copolymer rubbers; selected latices; rubber chemicals for solid rubber and latex; polymer additives; and adhesives raw materials. They are backed by extensive research and technology facilities, complementary production sites in North America and Europe, and worldwide distribution networks.

Bayer began operations in 1863 with three employees. It now has 17,300, and is one of the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical producers. In 1909 the world's first patent for synthetic rubber was issued to Bayer. By 1915 the company was producing methyl rubber, the first commercial type, and in the 1920s Bayer's continued research led to developments which became the foundation of the entire rubber industry.

Polysar was founded in 1942 in Sarnia, Ontario, and over the next 45 years grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic rubbers, with plants in North America and Europe, and a broad product line which includes commodity and specialty elastomers.

The union of these rubber manufacturers assures customers of a stable, long-term supply source which is well equipped to meet today's challenges and those of the future. In addition, the integration is expected to bring significant synergistic effects. Each will benefit from the experience of the other in research, production, plant engineering, services and administration. The goal of this integration is to optimize service to the industry.

In the U.S., the business is known as the Polysar Rubber Division of Mobay Corporation, and is based in Akron, Ohio. In Canada, it is the Polysar Rubber Corporation, which is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

PHOTO : The Polysar rubber manufacturing facilities in Sarnia, Ontario, occupy various parts of this complex extending to the St. Clair River in background
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