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Polypropylene foams.

US Patent 8,785,508 (July 22, 2014), "Pre-Expanded Polypropylene Resin Beads and Process for Producing same," Taro Kiguchi (Kaneka Corp., Osaka, Japan).

Pre-expanded polypropylene beads are used for molding electronic packaging. However, residual dispersion agents retard fusion of the pre-expanded beads during in-mold foaming, requiring a washing of the beads with a chemical such as nitric acid or phosphate soda before molding.

Kiguchi prepared antistatic pre-expanded polypropylene beads by soaking PP pellets containing the antistatic glycerin esters in a water dispersion of foaming and dispersion agents. The dried pellets are expanded and fused 2 to 60 times their original volume without washing before molding.

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Author:Corneliussen, Roger
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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