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Polyphenolics: a division of Constellation Wines--U.S.


12667 Road 24

Madera, CA 93638

Tel: 559-661-5556; 866-308-7678

Fax: 559-661-5630



Founded: 1996

Key Personnel:

Anil Shrikhande Phd., President

Ronald Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Steve Kupina, Manager of Research & Technical Service

Robert Sambueso, Manager Customer Service & Operations

Company Description:

Polyphenolics was started ten years ago as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canandaigua Brands with the objective of developing valuable grape extracts with proven health and nutritional benefits. Canandaigua Brands changed their corporate name to Constellation Brands in 2000. Constellation Brands is a leader in the production, marketing and distribution of alcohol brands in North America, Australia and the U.K. During the first couple of years Polyphenolics developed a proprietary patented winery process for the extraction of grape extracts, which does not use industrial solvents. MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract is made from a blend of unfermented ruby red seeds from our juice extraction operation and white seeds from our wineries. The finished product has an optimum ratio of monomers (10-15%), oligomers (70-80%) and polymers (10-15%).

In 2004 Polyphenolics became part of the Constellation Wine's-U.S., a division of Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ). Constellation Brands is the largest producer and marketer of wines in the world.

During the last few years Polyphenolics has funded several in vitro and in vivo studies on MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract demonstrating the following:

1. An antioxidant capacity superior to Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and several other grape seed extracts.

2. A synergistic effect with Vitamin C & E.

3. It reduces LDL (so called "bad") cholesterol significantly.

4. It remains active in the blood for hours.

5. It may be effective in the reduction of blood pressure.

6. It prevents formation of endothelian-1, which is a precursor for atherosclerosis.

Red wine consumption has steadily increased since the "French Paradox" report of 1979 linking wine consumption with a reduced risk of heart disease.

Several of Constellation's wineries, located in California, provide Polyphenolics with select dark grapes, grape seeds, grape skins and other raw materials that have been prepared by the wineries for extraction and other processing. These raw materials are then extracted, using a solvent free extraction process, at one of Constellation's wineries in California.

The finished products, which are 100% water-soluble, are typically available in either a powder or granulate and are packed in 10-20kg. fiber drums.

Four MegaNatural Grape Extract products have received authorization to use the NSF Certification Marks, attesting to their consistent quality and excellence in manufacturing processes. The products are MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract, MegaNatural[R] GSKE grape pomace extract, MegaNatural[R] GSKE-40 grape pomace extract and MegaNatural[R] Rubired grape juice extract.

Polyphenolics has GRAS affirmation for MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract and MegaNatural[R] GSKE grape pomace extract for use in beverages and most food applications. "The GRAS determination extends the permitted uses of MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract and GSKE grape skin extract beyond the nutraceutical arena and into the functional food and beverage market," said Anil Shrikhande, President, Polyphenolics. "The two products are ideal for beverages and functional foods because they are 100% soluble in water and have excellent long term stability."

Technology, Patents, New Products:

MegaNatural[TM] Rubired grape juice extract, which has 25% total anthocyanins and 50% total phenols. This product is very similar to bilberry extract except the product is made from ruby red grapes. The phenol profile is very similar to the profile of red grape juice. We have also developed MegaNatural GSKE grape pomace extract with a phenol content of over 80%. Both products are unique in the industry.

We have developed and commercialized solvent free patented extraction process, which produces a product with the lowest average molecular weight of any product in the market with possibly the best bioavailability.

Major Markets:

Herbal Supplements, Functional Beverages, Functional Foods

Major Products:

MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract

MegaNatural[R] GSKE grape pomace extract

MegaNatural[R] Rubired grape juice extract

Nutraceutical Grade grape pomace extract

Red Wine Concentrate

Specialized Services:

Polyphenolics will help you build a new supplement containing one of their grape extracts or a new beverage or functional food with their grape extracts or their natural colors and grape concentrates from their sister company Canandaigua Concentrates. We can also deliver a finished bulk supplement containing one or more of their grape extracts. However, our main service is to deliver bulk MegaNatural grape extracts when and where you want the product with three-day lead-time on any order.

Global Capabilities:

South American and Pacific Rim Contact: Ronald Martin

Tel: 1-480-883-6716; Fax: 1-480-883-6717;


Western and Eastern European Contact:

Gee Lawson Nutritional

1st Floor, Melville House, 8-12 Woodhouse Rd., Finshley, London, England N12 ORG. Tel: 44 0 20 8343 5400; Fax: 44 0 20 8445 7568

Canada: Tempo Canada Inc.

251 North Service Road. Suite 300, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6M 3E7

Tel: 905-339-3309; Fax: 905-339-3385

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