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Polynomial identities and asymptotic methods.


Polynomial identities and asymptotic methods.

Giambruno, Antonio and Mikhail Zaicey.

Amer. Mathematical Society


352 pages



Mathematical surveys and monographs; v.122


Giambruno and Zaicey show how to combine methods of ring theory, combinatorics and representation theory of groups with an analytical approach to study the polynomial identities satisfied by a given algebra, In the process they describe such topics as polynomial identities and PI-algebras, Sn-representations, group gradings and group actions, codimentation and colength growth, matrix invariants and central polynomials, the PI-exponent of an algebra, polynomial growth the low PI-exponent, classifying minimal variables, computing the exponent of a polynomial, G-identities and related action, superalgebras, 8-algebras and codimension growth, Lie algebras and non-associative algebras, and in an appendix, the generalized six-square theorem.

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Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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