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Polymer chip capacitors.

AVX Corporation (Fountain Inn, SC) has extended its TCH Series high voltage, hermetically sealed polymer chip capacitors with the addition of a 33 [micro]F/75 V code. The polymer chip capacitors are packaged in hermetically sealed ceramic cases filled with inert gas in order to eliminate the potential for materials and performance degradation resulting from exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and ambient atmosphere. Features of the TCH Series include:

* Reliability endurance of up to 10,000 hours at 85[degrees]C and rated temperature.

* Low ESR, low derating capabilities, low leakage current (0.1 CV), high ripple current, and high capacitance (22 [micro]F to 330 [micro]F).

* Large CTC-21D hermetically/ sealed cases.

* Availability with gold-plated J-lead, tin/lead-plated J-lead, and gold-plated undertab terminations.

* Availability in seven codes: 330 [micro]F/10 V, 220 [micro]F/16 V, 150 [micro]F/25 V, 100 [micro]F/35 V, 47 [micro]F/50 V, 33 [micro]F/75 V, and 22 [micro]F/100 V.


Why Would I Specify?

* The chip capacitors are manufactured and screened using AVX's Q-Process, which identifies and removes components that may experience excessive parametric shifts or operational instability.

* TCH Series polymer chip capacitors exhibit the highest voltages (10 to 100 V) of any space-grade SMD polymer capacitor currently available on the market.

* They are rated for use in temperatures spanning -55[degrees] to +125[degrees]C, and they are RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible.

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Date:Jul 1, 2016
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