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Polymer characterization. (Hardware/Software).

Cirrus Multi Detector software is said to provide a complete software solution for polymer characterization by multi detector GPC. Cirrus Multi Detector software is designed to acquire and analyze data from GPC systems fitted with any combination of refractive index, light scattering and viscosity detectors. The Cirrus package incorporates a 24 bit, high resolution, low noise data acquisition system, the PL DataStream, to interface with up to four user-selectable detector outputs. All operating conditions, raw data files, analysis methods, related calibrations and sample results are conveniently stored in Cirrus Workbook files for effective traceability or stored information, according to the company. Cirrus Multi Detector analysis software permits fully interactive calculations of molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity and radius of gyration as a function of elution volume using a variety of data fitting options. Methods can be specified for GPC-viscosity, GPC-light scattering and triple detection calculation routines as required. (Polymer Laboratories, Amherst Fields Research Park, 160 Old Farm Rd., Amherst, MA 01002)

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Title Annotation:Polymer Laboratories offers Cirrus Multi Detector software
Comment:Polymer characterization. (Hardware/Software).(Polymer Laboratories offers Cirrus Multi Detector software)
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Date:Dec 22, 2001
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