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Polymer analysis.

The company's Flow Injection Polymer Analysis (FIPA) technique is said to deliver fast and accurate average molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity in three to five minutes, without the need for elaborate sample preparation. FIPA is said to provide a complement to current testing methods. Short sample turn-around time means it can be used for high throughput screening, as well as routine process and quality control. The control of the polymerization process requires fast turnaround time for sequential measurements of the extent of reaction. FIPA measures polymer concentrations, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity of a solution or emulsion reactor sample in less than five minutes. The typical system consists of a pump, an injector, a FIPA column and the company's Triple Detector Array (TDA). The TDA combines a light scattering detector, viscometer detector and refractometer in a single integrated unit with fixed inter-detector volumes and temperature control. Applications for the FIPA technique are in process quality control for measuring molecular weight, molecular size, intrinsic viscosity and percent polymer (solids). (Viscotek)

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Title Annotation:Instruments
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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