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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (January 1, 2020)

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A Conveying Model of Fluid Partially Filled in a Nontwin Screw Extruder Allowing for a Positive Displacement. Yu, Huiwen; Xu, Baiping; Liu, Biao; Du, Yaoxue; Song, Jian; Feng, Yanhong 5918
Bimodal Microcellular Morphology Evaluation in ABS-Foamed Composites Developed Using Step-Wise Depressurization Foaming Process. G, Radhakrishna; Dugad, Rupesh; Gandhi, Abhishek 8617
Bond Behavior of Epoxy Resin-Polydicyclopentadiene Phase Separated Interpenetrating Networks for Adhering Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer to Steel. Liu, Meng; Rohde, Brian J.; Krishnamoorti, Ramanan; Robertson, Megan L.; Dawood, Mina 6803
Chemically Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide as Additives in Polyethylene Composites for Space Applications. Seibers, Zach; Orr, Matthew; Collier, Graham S.; Henriquez, Adriana; Gabel, Matthew; Shofner, Meisha 5936
Contraction and Capillary Flow of a Carbon Black Filled Rubber Compound. Stieger, Sebastian; Kerschbaumer, Roman Christopher; Mitsoulis, Evan; Fasching, Michael; Berger-Webe 6310
Crystalline Films of L-Threonine Complexed with Copper (II) Dispersed in a Galactomannan Solution: A Structural, Vibrational, and Thermal Study. Neto, Joao G. Oliveira; Cavalcante, Lincoln A.; Gomes, Eduardo S.; Santos, Adenilson O. Dos; Sousa, 4498
Effect of Talc Size on Surface Roughness and Glossiness of Polypropylene Injection Molding Application to Automotive Plastics. Kuroda, Shinichi; Mizutani, Atsushi; Ito, Hiroshi 5312
Evaluation of Polymethylmethacrylate Cohesion Behavior with a Gas-Assisted Thermal Bonding Method. Sun, Pei-Kang; Besser, Ronald S. 4195
Experimental Study on Filling Imbalance of Plastic Parts with Microcylinders. Xu, Bin; Deng, Ailin; Xue, Song 5402
Fracture and Orientation of Long-Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene During Injection Molding. Hou, Xu-Qin; Chen, Xing-Yuan; Liu, Bao-Chen; Chen, Sheng-Chao; Li, Hai-Mei; Cao, Wei 5541
Injection Molding and Appearance of Cellulose-Reinforced Composites. Forsgren, Lilian; Berglund, Johan; Thunberg, Johannes; Rigdahl, Mikael; Boldizar, Antal 5761
Micro/Nanocellular Polyprolene/Trans-1,4-Polyisomprene (PP/TPI) Blend Foams by Using Supercritical Nitrogen as Blowing Agent. Zou, Li; Li, Huan; Wang, Dan; Ma, Leyuan; Prakashan, Kundil; Zhang, Zhen Xiu 3993
Non-Linear Rheological Response as a Tool for Assessing Dispersion in Polypropylene/Polycaprolactone/Clay Nanocomposites and Blends Made with Sub-Critical Gas-Assisted Processing. Ellingham, Thomas; Yilmaz, Galip; Turng, Lih-Sheng 4241
Preparation and Characterization of Strong Cation Exchange Terpolymer Resin as Effective Adsorbent for Removal of Disperse Dyes. Bayramoglu, Gulay; Kunduzcu, Gul; Arica, Mehmet Yakup 7901
Probing the Damping Property of Three-Dimensional Graphene Aerogels in Carboxylated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber/Polyurethane Blend. Yan, Han; Li, Hao; Li, Wen; Fan, Xiaoqiang; Zhang, Lin; Zhu, Minhao 5081
Processing Fiber-Reinforced Polymers: Specific Wear Phenomena Caused by Filler Materials. Blutmager, Andreas; Spahn, Thomas; Varga, Markus; Friesenbichler, Walter; Riedl, Helmut; Mayrhofer, 4993
Shear Stress-Dependent Viscosity Master Curves for Practical Applications. Steller, Ryszard; Iwko, Jacek 5291
Silane-Modified Graphene Oxide as a Compatibilizer and Reinforcing Nanoparticle for Immiscible PP/PA Blends. Kol, Adi; Kenig, Samuel; Naveh, Naum 6745
Study of the Photocrosslinking of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Terpolymer Under UV Irradiation. Jego, Lucas; Milesi, Daniel; Robin, Jean-Jacques; Joly-Duhamel, Christine 6111
Synthesis of Self-Healing Bio-Based Tannic Acid-Based Methacrylates By Thermoreversible Diels-Alder Reaction. Handique, Junali; Gogoi, Joly; Nath, Jayashree; Dolui, Swapan Kumar 5547
The Effect of Spray-Freeze Drying of Montmorillonite on the Morphology, Dispersion, and Crystallization in Polypropylene Nanocomposites. Abdallah, Wissam; Tan, Victor; Kamal, Musa R. 7510
Wood Plastic Composites Produced from Postconsumer Recycled Polystyrene and Coconut Shell: Effect of Coupling Agent and Processing Aid on Tensile, Thermal, and Morphological Properties. Ling, Sing Li; Koay, Seong Chun; Chan, Ming Yeng; Tshai, Kim Yeow; Chantara, Thevy Ratnam; Pang, Min 5636

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