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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (December 1, 2020)

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Achieving directional migration of hindered phenols in polymer-based damping hybrid via the construction of alternating layers. Xu, Kangming; Hu, Qiaoman; Wu, Hong; Guo, Shaoyun; Zhang, Fengshun Report 4784
An atomistic simulation towards molecular design of silica polymorphs nanoparticles in polysulfone based mixed matrix membranes for C[O.sub.2]/C[H.sub.4] gas separation. Lock, Serene Sow Mun; Lau, Kok Keong; Jusoh, Norwahyu; Shariff, Azmi Mohd; Gan, Chin Heng; Yiin, Chu Report 8082
Characterization of metal-polymer interaction forces by AFM for insert molding applications. Abhyankar, Hrushikesh; Webb, D. Patrick; West, Geoff D.; Hutt, David A. Report 6271
Chemical degradation and failure analyses by acoustic emission of PP/EOC blends exposed to ultraviolet radiation. da Silva, Jessica Raquel M.B.; Cavalcanti, Rebecca Stefani F.B.; Rabello, Marcelo S. Report 5626
Effect of processing method on cellulose nanocrystal/polyethylene-co-vinyl alcohol composites. Orr, Matthew P.; Sonekan, Amidat; Shofner, Meisha L. Report 7770
Electrospun progesterone-loaded cellulose acetate nanofibers and their drug sustained-release profiles. Soares, Gabriella Onila do Nascimento; Machado, Raissa Ribeiro Lima; Diniz, Mariana Mendoza; da Silv Report 8361
Establishing a rapid cooling complex mold design for the quality improvement of microcellular injection molding. Chang, Yung-Hsiang; Chiu, Min-Chi; Chen, Shia-Chung; Chang, Che-Wei; Tseng, Chia-Yen Report 5440
Flame retardancy and pyrolysis behavior of an epoxy resin composite flame-retarded by diphenylphosphinyl-POSS. Zhai, Congcong; Xin, Fei; Cai, Liyun; Chen, Yu; Qian, Lijun Report 6299
Improved dispersion and physico-mechanical properties of rubber/silica composites through new silane grafting. Das, Saikat; Chattopadhyay, Santanu; Dhanania, Sawar; Bhowmick, Anil K. Report 9699
Interactions between sorbitol-type nucleator and additives for polypropylene. Nguon, O.J.; Charlton, Z.; Kumar, M.; Lefas, J.; Vancso, G.J. Report 5525
Melt synthesis of sulfonated EPDM ionomers in batch and continuous processes. Zhao, Zhiyang; Zhang, Linkun; Weiss, R.A. Report 9562
Methacrylate-functionalized POSS as an efficient adhesion promoter in olefin-based adhesives. Hanifpour, Ahad; Bahri-Laleh, Naeimeh; Nekoomanesh-Haghighi, Mehdi Report 4754
Nanostructured cigarette wrapper encapsulated PDMS-RGO sandwiched composite for high performance EMI shielding applications. De, Anurima; Bera, Ranadip; Paria, Sarbaranjan; Karan, Sumanta Kumar; Das, Amit Kumar; Maitra, Anirb Report 9654
Optimization of waste quail eggshells as biocomposites for polyaniline in ammonia gas detection. Norsham, Izyan Najwa Mohd; Baharin, Siti Nor Atika; Raoov, Muggundha; Shahabuddin, Syed; Jakmimee, J Report 5991
Perspective on scaling considerations for thin-wall molding. Stokes, Vijay K. Report 2558
Polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 blends with functionalized polyolefins: Effect of phenomenal increase in viscosity and melt strength of polyamide 66-based materials. Krivoguz, Yuri; Pesetskii, Stepan; Makarenko, Olga Report 10746
Prediction of process parameters of water-assisted injection molding based on inverse radial basis function neural network. Yang, Jiangen; Yu, Shengrui Report 5714
Preparation, hydrogen bonding and properties of polyurethane elastomers with 1,2,3-triazole units by click chemistry. Gu, Xiao; Guo, Shiqing; Wang, Guiyou Report 6260
Re-entrant auxetic structures fabricated by fused deposition modeling: An experimental study of influence of process parameters under compressive loading. Vyavahare, Swapnil; Kumar, Shailendra Report 6127
Submillimeter features on injected acrylonitrile butadiene styrene parts: Visualization of the flow and numerical simulation. Brulez, Anne-Catherine; Boschard, Cedric; Larochette, Mathieu; Benayoun, Stephane Report 8688
Synthesis and characterization of new proton exchange membrane deriving from sulfonated polyether sulfone using ionic crosslinking for electrodialysis applications. Mabrouk, Walid; Lafi, Ridha; Charradi, Khaled; Ogier, Lionel; Hafiane, Amor; Fauvarque, Jean Francoi Report 5574
Synthesis of functionalized copolymers and their compatibilization effects on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/poly(butylene terephthalate) blends. Li, Kunquan; Wu, Wenjian; Chai, Shengyong; Tang, Lei; Li, Jide; Li, Yan; Liu, Qin; Chen, Lin Report 6451
The effect of barium titanate ceramic loading on the stress relaxation behavior of barium titanate-silicone elastomer composites. Cholleti, Eshwar Reddy; Stringer, Jonathan; Kelly, Piaras; Bowen, Chris; Aw, Kean Report 4759
Theoretical and experimental study on three-layered polymeric balloon catheter processing. Jin, Guobao; Hua, Weijian; Wang, Kesheng; Xu, Changxue; Bian, Jinyao; Dai, Guanghui; Qin, Peng; Jin, Report 5977
Viscoelastic and mechanical characterization of graphene decorated with graphene quantum dots reinforced epoxy composites. George, Manuel; Mohanty, Akash Report 6859

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