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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (November 1, 2018)

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AOTEMPO-Mediated Dynamic Vulcanization: Synthesis of Impact-Modified Polypropylene. Bodley, Michael W.; Parent, J. Scott Report 4837
Effect of Silk Fiber on the Structural, Thermal, and Mechanical Properties of PVA/PVP Composite Films. Sheik, Sareen; Nagaraja, G.K.; Prashantha, Kalappa Report 5095
Effect of the Isothermal Crystallization Method on Amorphous Block Copolymers of Aromatic Polyamides and Their Packing Behavior in Two-Dimensional Films for Screening of Potential Crystallization Ability. Shidara, Yusaku; Yunoki, Takeru; Miura, Shuntaro; Shibasaki, Yuji; Fujimori, Atsuhiro Report 5669
Effects of Loading Conditions on the Nanoindentation Creep Behavior of Nation 117 Membranes. Xia, Re; Zhou, Hongjian; Zhang, Zhennan; Wu, Runni; Wu, Wen-Ping 5177
Graft Polymerization of 4-lmidazole Acrylic Acid Onto Polyurethane for the Improvement of Water Compatibility and Antifungal Activity. Chung, Yong-Chan; Kim, Ha Youn; Choi, Jae Won; Chun, Byoung Chul Report 6363
Halogen-Free Flame Retarded Rigid Polyurethane Foam: The Influence of Titanium Dioxide Modified Expandable Graphite and Ammonium Polyphosphate on Flame Retardancy and Thermal Stability. Pang, Xiu-Yan; Chang, Ran; Weng, Meng-Qi Report 7965
Heuristic Analysis of Viscous Dissipation in Single-Screw Extrusion. Roland, Wolfgang; Miethlinger, Jurgen Report 10253
High-Throughput Production With Improved Functionality and Graphitization of Carbon Fine Fibers Developed from Sodium Chloride-Polyacrylonitrile Precursors. Akia, Mandana; Cremar, Lee; Seas, Manuel; Villarreal, Jahaziel; Valdez, Alejandra; Alcoutlabi, Mataz Report 4473
Highly Flame Retardant and Bio-Based Rigid Polyurethane Foams Derived from Orange Peel Oil. Zhang, C.; Bhoyate, Sanket; Ionescu, M.; Kahol, P.K.; Gupta, Ram K. 5304
Influence of Natural Ageing on the Flame Retardancy and Thermal Properties of Intumescent Flame Retardant Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites. He, Weidi; Li, Lingtong; Zhou, Dengfeng; Chen, Xiaolang; Guo, Jianbing Report 5058
Luminescence Performance of Poly(Aryl Ether)s Membranes with Different Morphologies. Zhao, Xiaoyan; Xu, Xiao; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Chenyi Report 5540
Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Compatibilized Polyurethane Blends. Bulatovic, Vesna Ocelic; Mihaljevic, Antonia; Bajsic, Emi Govorcin Report 7960
Novel Pickering Stabilizer Constituted by Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes for Fabricating Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanocomposites. Wang, Baichen; Liu, Yongna; Li, Wei; Gao, Yu Report 4084
Performance of Poly(lactic acid)/Cellulose Nanocrystal Composite Blown Films Processed by Two Different Compounding Approaches. Karkhanis, Sonal S.; Stark, Nicole M.; Sabo, Ronald C.; Matuana, Laurent M. Report 7968
Preparation of Transparent Polyacrylonitrile Reinforced Polyurethane Film and Application as Temperature Monitor. Zhao, Ying; Wang, Xin; Zhang, Qiong; Li, Ni Report 3708
Reactive Toughening of Urea-Formaldehyde Resin With Polyvinyl alcohol) by Formation of Interpenetrating Networks. Liu, Yalong; Yuan, Junling; Zhao, Xiaowen; Ye, Lin Report 4063
Solid-State Polymerization Process for the Preparation of Poly(cyclohexane-1,4-dimethylene cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate) Polymers With High Melting Temperature and Crystallinity. Colorina, Martirio; Celli, Annamaria; Marchese, Paola; Sisti, Laura; Gioia, Claudio Report 4105
Static and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Graphite Flake Filled Phenolic-Carbon Fabric Composites and Their Correlation With Interfacial Interaction Parameters. Kumar, Ravindra; Kar, Kamal K.; Dasgupta, Kinshuk Report 9591
Strong Synergistic Improvement of Mechanical Properties in HDPE/COC Blends with Fibrillar Morphology. Ostafinska, Aleksandra; Vackova, Tatana; Slouf, Miroslav Report 7980
Structural, Thermal, Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene/Graphene Nanoplatelets Composites: Effect of Particle Size and Melt Mixing Conditions. Beuguel, Quentin; Mija, Alice; Vergnes, Bruno; Peuvrel-Disdier, Edith Report 5537
Super Toughened Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) Composite Using Flowable Crosslink Elastomer Blend. Hu, Xilong; Wang, Yan; Yu, Junrong; Zhu, Jing; Hu, Zuming Report 4715
The Role of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in Forming Open-Porous, Macrovoid-Free Mixed Matrix Sorbents from Torlon[R], a Polyamide-imide Polymer. Babu, Vinod P.; Koros, William J. Report 7082
Viscoelastic Behavior and Sol-Gel Transition of Cellulose/Silk Fibroin/1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride Extended from Dilute to Concentrated Solutions. Yao, Yongbo; Yan, Zhiyong; Li, Zhe; Zhang, Yumei; Wang, Huaping Report 3441

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