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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (October 1, 2016)

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Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic polyester with antibacterial property. Wang, Hui; Langner, Markus; Agarwal, Seema Report 3918
Electrical and morphological properties of microinjection molded polystyrene/multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites. Zhou, Shengtai; Hrymak, Andrew N.; Kamal, Musa R. Report 4996
Epoxy formulation including an acrylic triblock copolymer adapted for use in filament winding. Saiz, Luciana M.; Orofino, Antonela B.; Rodriguez, Exequiel S.; Zucchi, Ileana A.; Williams, Roberto Report 4225
General model for comparative tensile mechanical properties of composites fabricated from fly ash and virgin/recycled high-density polyethylene. Kabir, Imrana I.; Sorrell, Charles C.; Mada, Mykanth R.; Cholake, Sagar T.; Bandyopadhyay, Sri Report 9582
Mathematical modeling for the mechanical properties of poly(vinylchloride) ternary composites. Zhao, Jian; Li, Heng-Yang; Wang, Yan; Feng, Na; Qu, Min-Jie; Wu, Li-Hao Report 4391
Mechanical, thermal, and morphology properties of poly(lactic acid) plasticized with poly(ethylene glycol) and epoxidized palm oil hybrid plasticizer. Chieng, Buong Woei; Ibrahim, Nor Azowa; Then, Yoon Yee; Loo, Yuet Ying Report 3888
Preparation of high toughness and high transparency polylactide blends resin based on multiarmed polycaprolactone-block-poly(L-lactide). Bian, Xinchao; Zhang, Bao; Sun, Bin; Sun, Zhiqiang; Xiang, Sheng; Li, Gao; Chen, Xuesi Report 6138
Preparation of liquid crystal 4'-allyloxy-biphenyl-4-ol functionalized MWCNTs and their application on improving mechanical and thermal properties of silicon resin. Xiong, Weijian; Gao, Xue; Gui, Dayong; Cai, Xueqing; Tan, Guiming; Liu, Jianhong Report 3916
Preparation of porous membranes by selective decomposition of adamantane unit in ABA-type triblock copolymer. Ando, Shota; Yoshida, Akihiro; Nagai, Kazukiyo Report 5718
Promoting effect of crystallization on the foaming behavior in polypropylene homopolymer/polypropylene block copolymer blends. Li, Zhishan; Chen, Mingjie; Ma, Weihua Report 4466
Synergistic effects of [alpha]/[beta]-nucleating agents on propylene-ethylene random copolymer: new clues for the pipe extrusion. Sun, Qihang; Chen, Guogui; Feng, Jinmao; Zhang, Weijiao; Gao, Li; Sun, Weilin Report 5293
The dynamic response and failure of polycarbonate plate by soft body impact. Yu, Peng; Yao, Xiaohu; Han, Qiang Report 4809
The role of the compatibilizer on the microindentation hardness of iPP/PC blends. Hellati, A.; Douibi, A.; Boufassa, S.; Benavente, R.; Benachour, D.; Calleja, F.J. Balta Report 6456

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