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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (January 1, 2016)

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Composites based on (ethylene-propylene) copolymer and olive solid waste: rheological, thermal, mechanical, and morphological behaviors. Khemakhem, Marwa; Jaziri, Mohamed Report 5179
Damping elastomer with broad temperature range based on irregular networks formed by end-linking of hydroxyl-terminated poly(dimethylsiloxane). Li, Zhipeng; Lu, Xun; Tao, Gang; Guo, Jianhua; Jiang, Hongwei Report 3071
Effect of selective localization of carbon nanotubes in PA6 dispersed phase of PP/PA6 blends on the morphology evolution with time, part 2: relaxation of deformed droplets after cessation of flow. Gooneie, A.; Shahsavan, H. Nazockdas, F. Report 5244
Improving the stability of polylactic acid foams by interfacially adsorbed particles. Lobos, Juan; Iasella, Steven; Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel A.; Velankar, Sachin S. Report 5469
Inverse gas chromatography study of polyvinylacetate-solvent and polyethylene-solvent systems. Camacho, Javier; Diez, Eduardo; Gomez, Lourdes; Ovejero, Gabriel Report 5869
Investigation of [beta] phase formation in piezoelectric response of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers: LiCl additive and increasing fibers tension. Mokhtari, F.; Shamshirsaz, M.; Latifi, M. Report 6533
Point load effect on the buried polyolefin pipes lifetime. Majer, Z.; Hutar, P.; Frank, A.; Sevcik, M.; Zouhar, M.; Pinter, G.; Nahlik, L. 4749
Relationship between brightness and roughness of polypropylene abraded surfaces. Van Gorp, Adrien; Bigerelle, Maxence; Najjar, Denis Report 6528
Role of salt on adhesion of an epoxy/aluminum (oxide) interface in aqueous environments. Tan, Kar Tean; White, Christopher C.; Hunston, Donald; Gorham, Justin M.; Imburgia, Michael J.; Fors Report 6462
Synthesis and properties of copolymers of poly(ether ether sulfone)/semiaromatic polyamides (PEES/PA). Li, Yan; Zhang, Gang; Wang, Xiaojun; Li, Zhi-Min; Yang, Jie 4442
Synthesis of polypropylene/cellulosic fiber composites using Ziegler-Natta catalyst by in situ polymerization. V. Marques, Maria de Fatima; Lunz, Juliana N.; Oliveira, Patricia L. Report 3933
The effects of microwave heating on the kinetics of isothermal dehydration of equilibrium swollen poly(acrylic-co-methacrylic acid) hydrogel. Jovanovic, Jelena; Potkonjak, Biljana; Adnadjevic, Tanja; Adnadjevic, Borivoj 6575
Toward the prediction of porous membrane permeability from morphological data. Nurra, Claudia; Pitol-Filho, Luizildo; Carraud, Raphaelle; Pertuz, Said; Puig, Domenec; Garcia, Migu Report 5200
UV-cured silicone composites obtained via hydrosilation and in situ generation of inorganic particles. Marchi, Sophie; Sangermano, Marco; Meier, Patrick; Kornmann, Xavier Report 3521

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