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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (September 1, 2015)

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Calcium ion modulates protein release from chitosan-hyaluronic acid poly electrolyte gel. Krishna, A. Shanti; Radhakumary, C.; Sreenivasan, K. Report 5500
Conversion of pencil graphite to graphene/polypyrrole nanofiber composite electrodes and its doping effect on the supercapacitive properties. Sudhakar, Y.N.; Vindyashree; Smitha, Vidya; Prashanthi; Poornesh, P.; Ashok, R.; Selvakumar, M. Report 4689
Effect of drawing temperature on the structure and free volume of semicrystalline polyester yarns. Baseri, Somayeh Report 9872
Effect of nanofiller on fibril formation in melt-drawn HDPE/PA6 microfibrillar composite. Kelnar, Ivan; Fortelny, Ivan; Kapralkova, Ludmila; Hromadkova, Jirina Report 4387
Effect of tensile loading history on mechanical properties for polyethylene. Jar, P.-Y. Ben Report 5561
Extrusion film casting of long chain branched polypropylene. Chikhalikar, Kalyani; Banik, Sourya; Azad, Lal Busher; Jadhav, Kishor; Mahajan, Sunil; Ahmad, Zubair Report 7847
High-build alkyd urethane coating materials with a partially solvolyzed waste polyurethane foam. Kowalczyk, Krzysztof; Spychaj, Tadeusz; Krala, Grzegorz Report 6250
Hygrothermal aging properties of wood plastic composites made of recycled high density polypropylene as affected by inorganic pigments. Xu, Changyan; Xing, Cheng; Pan, Hui; Matuana, Laurent M.; Zhou, Handong Report 4589
Influence of a synthetic ureido nucleating agent on crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polyamide 6. Ouyang, Chunfa; Xue, Weili; Zhang, Duoyou; Gao, Qun; Li, Xiangyong; Zheng, Kangsheng Report 4873
Influence of the drying route on the depolymerization and properties of chitosan. Arantes, Mabel K.; Kugelmeier, Cristie L.; Cardozo-Filho, Lucio; Monteiro, Marcos R.; Oliveira, Clay Report 5566
Microphase separation and hard domain assembly in thermoplastic polyurethane/multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposites. Hosseini-Sianaki, Tahereh; Nazockdast, Hossein; Salehnia, Babak; Nazockdast, Ehssan Report 6817
Modeling of diffusional limitations in styrene acrylonitrile random bulk copolymerization. Mahajan, Rajeshwar; Gupta, Santosh K. Report 9716
Morphology and mechanical properties of high density polyethylene-POSS hybrid nanocomposites obtained by reactive blending. Grala, Magdalena; Bartczak, Zbigniew 9525
Morphology and rheological properties of silica-filled poly(carbonate)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends. Li, Weizhen; Spoelstra, Anne B.; Goossens, Johannes G.P. Report 5406
Polymer foaming with chemical blowing agents: experiment and modeling. Ruiz, Jose Antonio Reglero; Vincent, Michel; Agassant, Jean-Francois; Sadik, Tarik; Pillon, Caroline Report 8381
Polypropylene composites reinforced with untreated and chemically treated coir: effect of the presence of compatibilizer. Bettini, Silvia H.P.; Biteli, Ana Carolina; Bonse, Baltus C.; de A. Morandim-Giannetti, Andreia Report 4391
Preparation of exfoliated montmorillonite nanocomposites with catechol/zwitterionic quaternized polymer for an antifouling coating. Jeong, Chan Jin; Kang, Eun Bi; Park, Soo Jung; choi, Kyung Ho; Shin, Gyojic; In, Insik; Park, Sung Y Report 3559
Preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) and hydroxypropyl-[beta]-cyclodextrin inclusion complex through polymer processing. Xiao, Hongqin; Kong, Xiangkun; Bao, Jianjun; Zhang, Sheng Report 3539
Processing issues of color mismatch: rheological characterization of polycarbonate blends. Alsadi, J.; Saeed, U.; Ahmad, S.; Rizvi, G.; Ross, D. Report 4312
Rheological behavior of uncured styrene-butadiene rubber at low temperatures, pure and filled with carbon black. Crie, Alice; Baritaud, Claire; Valette, Rudy; Vergnes, Bruno Report 4511
Simulation of polyimide fibers with trilobal cross section produced by dry-spinning technology. Deng, Gang; Wang, Shihua; Zhao, Xin; Zhang, Qinghua Report 5121
Surface and interface properties of functionalized polysulfones: cell-material interaction and antimicrobial activity. Filimon, Anca; Avram, Ecaterina; Dunca, Simona Report 8062
Synthesis and properties of poly(aryl ether ketone)s containing both biphenylene moieties and sulfone linkages in the main chain. Huang, Bin; Zhou, Minghong; Zhu, Xiaojun; Cai, Mingzhong Report 6126
Viscoelastic response of multilayer polymeric films of linear low-density polyethylene and ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. Serral, Maria; Mangnus, Marc; Sandkuhler, Peter; Avalos, Josep Bonet Report 7452
Vulcanization of EPDM rubber compounds with and without blowing agents: identification of reaction events and TTT-diagram using DSC data. Restrepo-Zapata, Nora Catalina; Osswald, Tim A.; Hernandez-Ortiz, Juan Pablo Report 10356
Wall slip heating. Gilbert, Peter H.; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey Report 5476

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