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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (June 1, 2015)

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Antifouling enhancement of PVDF membrane tethered with polyampholyte hydrogel layers. Shen, Xiang; Yin, Xuebin; Zhao, Yiping; Chen, Li Report 4600
Atomic layer deposition Ti[O.sub.2]/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] nanolayer of dyed polyamide/aramid blend fabric for high intensity UV light protection. Xiao, Xingfang; Liu, Xin; Cao, Genyang; Zhang, Chunhua; Xia, Liangjun; Xu, Weilin; Xiao, Shili Report 4558
Computational study on reaction enthalpies of urethane-forming reactions. Zhao, Yusheng; Suppes, Galen J. Report 5514
Control of micro- and nanocellular structures in C[O.sub.2] foamed PES/PEN blends. Sorrentino, Luigi; Cafiero, Livia; Iannace, Salvatore Report 5077
Determination of compounding formulation of cured rubber by reverse engineering. Datta, Sanjoy; Stocek, Radek; Kuritka, Ivo; Saha, Petr Report 6627
Determination of surface energies and acidity-basicity numbers of protonated and deprotonated forms of poly(sulfonic acid diphenyl aniline) by inverse gas chromatography. Yazici, Ozlem; Karaman, Ferdane 7475
Direct drawing of gel fibers enabled by twist-gel spinning process. Wyatt, Tom; Gainey, Teyana; Fang, Xudong; Yao, Donggang Report 3965
Effect of co-solvents on the photovoltaic performance of an inverted organic solar cell. Nair, Sarita S.; Kumar, D.; Majumdar, Amitava Report 4569
Effect of water on the solubility and diffusivity of hydrocarbons in polyethylene. Galdamez, Jose Roman; Jones, Adam T.; Danner, Ronald P. Report 2466
Enhancement of dielectric and energy density properties in the PVDF-based copolymer/terpolymer blends. Ullah, Amir; Rahman, Ata ur; Ahn, Chang Won; Rahman, Muneeb-ur; Ullah, Aman; Rehman, Zia-ur; Iqbal, Report 4293
Fabrication of polylactic acid/polyethylene glycol (PLA/PEG) porous scaffold by supercritical C[O.sub.2] foaming and particle leaching. Chen, Bin-Yi; Jing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Zhao, Haibin; Zhang, Wen-Hao; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sh Report 5693
Formulation and characterization of oleogels based on high-oleic sunflower oil and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer/ polypropylene blends. Martin-Alfonso, J.E.; Franco, J.M. Report 5750
Fracture of unsaturated polyester and the limitation of layered silicates. Chaeichian, Sina; Wood-Adams, Paula M.; Hoa, Suong V. Report 4903
Free-radical polymerization of urea, acrylic acid, and glycerol in aqueous solutions. Fernandes, Bruno S.; Pinto, Jose Carlos; Cabral-Albuquerque, Elaine C.M.; Fialho, Rosana L. Report 7230
Graphene coating assisted injection molding of ultra-thin thermoplastics. Cabrera, Eusebio Duarte; Zhang, Panpan; Liao, Wei-Ching; Yen, Ying-Chieh; Yu, Jiangfeng; Castro, Jos Report 4357
In situ poly(sodium acrylate)-based nanocomposite formation by redox-initiated solution polymerization. Khanlari, Samaneh; Dube, Marc A. Report 3606
Influence of polyamide 6 as a charring agent on the flame retardancy, thermal, and mechanical properties of polypropylene composites. Chen, Man; Tang, Mengqi; Ma, Yonghong; Chen, Xiaolang; Qin, Jun; He, Weidi; Zhang, Zhibin Report 4336
Innovative microcrystalline cellulose composites as lining adhesives for canvas. Cataldi, Annalisa; Dorigato, Andrea; Deflorian, Flavio; Pegoretti, Alessandro Report 3413
Investigation of polyacrylonitrile solution inhomogeneity by dynamic light scattering. Raghavan, Vijay; Gupta, Murari; Xiao, Zhiwei; Chae, Han Gi; Liu, Tao; Kumar, Satish Report 3027
Mechanisms of orientational and photoelastic birefringence generation of methacrylates for the design of zero-zero-birefringence polymers. Shafiee, Houran; Beppu, Shotaro; Iwasaki, Shuhei; Tagaya, Akihiro; Koike, Yasuhiro Report 5795
Modification of eucalyptus pulp fiber using silane coupling agents with aliphatic side chains of different length. Mendes, Rafael Farinassi; Mendes, Lourival Marin; de Oliveira, Juliano Elvis; Savastano, Holmer, Jr. Report 5013
Novel electrical conductive hybrid nanostructures based on PA 6/[MWCNT.sub.COOH] electrospun nanofibers and anchored [MWCNT.sub.COOH]. Santos, Joao Paulo Ferreira; da Silva, Aline Bruna; Sundararaj, Uttandaraman; Bretas, Rosario E.S. Report 5193
Preparation and characterization of biodegradable polymer blends from poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(vinyl acetate)-modified corn starch. Lai, Sun-Mou; Sun, Wei-Wei; Don, Trong-Ming Report 5968
Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by radiation-induced chitosan/(acrylamidoglycolic acid-co-acrylic acid) magnetic nanopolymer. El-Fadl, F.I. Abou; El-Mohdy, H.L. Abd Report 5274
Residence time distributions in a co-kneader: a chemical engineering approach. Monchatre, Benjamin; Raveyre, Claude; Carrot, Christian Report 4569
Role of chain dynamics and topological confinements in cold crystallization of PLA-clay nanocomposites. Karami, Shahir; Lafleur, Pierre G. Report 7644
Study on a new polymer/graphene oxide/clay double network hydrogel with improved response rate and mechanical properties. Huang, Weishi; Shen, Jianfeng; Li, Na; Ye, Mingxin 3521
The effect of expanded graphite on the thermal stability, latent heat, and flammability properties of EVA/wax phase change blends. Mochane, M.J.; Luyt, A.S. Report 5583
The effects of hot pressing on the swelling behavior of P(MMA-co-NVP) hydrogel discs. Smith, J.R.; Radzi, Z.; Czernuszka, J.T. Report 2947
Toughening of poly(lactide) using polyethylene glycol methyl ether acrylate: reactive versus physical blending. Kfoury, Georgio; Raquez, Jean-Marie; Hassouna, Fatima; Leclere, Philippe; Toniazzo, Valerie; Ruch, D Report 8207

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