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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (August 1, 2015)

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Aspects of physical aging, mechanical rejuvenation, and thermal annealing in a new copolyester. Cugini, Angela V.; Lesser, Alan J. Report 3028
Crystallization behavior and spherulitic morphology of poly(lactic acid) films induced by casting process. Houichi, Hikmet; Maazouz, Abderrahim; Elleuch, Boubaker Report 5270
Design and optimization of an extrusion die for the production of wood--plastic composite profiles. Goncalves, N.D.; Teixeira, P.; Ferras, L.L.; Afonso, A.M.; Nobrega, J.M.; Carneiro, O.S. Report 3695
Development of new sustainable inorganic flame retardant additive system for polyamide 6,6 with improved performance. Belyamani, Imane; Otaigbe, Joshua U.; Fielding, William R. Report 3965
Effect of fiber size on structural and tensile properties of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride fibers. Baji, Avinash; Mai, Yiu-Wing; Wong, Shing-Chung Report 3838
Effects of the structures of end groups of pendant polydimethylsiloxane attached to a polyurethane copolymer on the low temperature toughness. Chung, Yong-Chan; Khiem, Nguyen Duy; Chun, Byoung Chul 6117
Enhancement of adhesion between inorganic nanoparticles and polymeric matrix in nanocomposite by introducing polymeric thin film onto nanoparticles. Cha, Sang-Ho; Bae, Joonwon; Lee, Kyung Jin Report 3629
Influence of the Form II/Form I crystal polymorphism of random copolymers of butene-1 with ethylene or propylene on the peel behavior of peel films. Nase, Michael; Androsch, Rene; Henning, Sven; Grellmann, Wolfgang Report 5028
Kinetic study of styrene atom transfer radical polymerization from hydroxyl groups of graphene nanoplatelets: heterogeneities in chains and graft densities. Roghani-Mamaqani, Hossein; Haddadi-Asl, Vahid; Khezri, Khezrollah; Salami-Kalajahi, Mehdi; Najafi, M Report 8565
Mechanical and thermal properties of potassium salts of poly(ethylene-co-ethylacrylate): polyolefin lonomers in the absence of acid groups. Aoyama, Masataka; Koda, Tomonori; Miyata, Ken; Nishio, Taichi; Nishioka, Akihiro Report 3658
Microwave processing of syntactic foam from an expandable thermoset/thermoplastic mixture. Hong, Yifeng; Fang, Xudong; Yao, Donggang Report 6404
Numerical modeling of multilayer film coextrusion with experimental validation. Champion, James; Looney, M. Kieran; Simmons, Mark J.H. Report 11368
Numerical simulation of the sequential coinjection molding process based on level set method. Liu, Qingsheng; Ouyang, Jie; Zhou, Wen; Xu, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Lin Report 6149
Polyethylene terephthalate/calcined kaolin composites: effect of uniaxial stretching on the properties. Shahverdi-Shahraki, Khalil; Ghosh, Tamal; Mahajan, Kamal; Ajji, Abdellah; Carreau, Pierre J. Report 5294
Porous composite structures derived from multiphase polymer blends. Baklavaridis, Apostolos; Zuburtikudis, Ioannis; Panayiotou, Costas Report 5568
Properties of silanized Nypa fruticans filled polylactic acid/recycled low density polyethylene biocomposites. Rasidi, M. Syahmie; Salmah, H.; Teh, P.L. Report 5061
Slow relaxations in semicrystalline poly(butylene succinate) below and above [T.sub.g]. Ramos, Joaquim J. Moura; Diogo, Herminio P. Report 6930
Study of the processing pathway for cosolvent addition in active layer preparation of inverted organic solar cell. Nair, Sarita S.; Kumar, D.; Sharma, Abhishek; Majumdar, Amitava Report 6353
Sulfonated poly(sulfone-pyridine-amide)/sulfonated polystyrene/multiwalled carbon nanotube-based fuel cell membranes. Kausar, Ayesha; Khurram, Muhammad; Siddiq, Muhammad Report 7016
Synthesis of poly(butylene succinate) using metal catalysts. Ferreira, Leticia P.; Moreira, Andrei N.; Pinto, Jose Carlos; de Souza, Fernando G., Jr. Report 5778
Temperature- and strain rate-dependent constitutive modeling of the large deformation behavior of a transparent polyurethane interlayer. Zhang, Longhui; Yao, Xiaohu; Zang, Shuguang; Gu, Yabei Report 4789
Tensile fatigue behavior of polyamide 66 nanofiber yarns. Mooneghi, Sara Asghari; Gharehaghaji, Ali Akbar; Hosseini-Toudeshky, Hossein; Torkaman, Giti Report 4262
The influence of filler treatment on the properties of TPU/PP Blends: I. Thermal properties and stability. Bajsic, Emi Govorcin; Bulatovic, Vesna Ocelic; Rek, Vesna Report 6625
Thermoplastic processing, rheology, and extrudate properties of wheat, soy, and pea proteins. Kluver, Enno; Meyer, Michael Report 6314
Validation of double convected pom-pom model with particle image velocimetry technique. Wang, Xiaolin; Chen, Ruhuang; Wang, Mengmeng; Jin, Gang Report 6008
Visco-hyperelastic constitutive model for modeling the quasi-static behavior of polyurethane foam in large deformation. Ju, M.L.; Jmal, H.; Dupuis, R.; Aubry, E. Report 7477
Viscoelasticity as a tool to investigate the early stage of the quiescent crystallization process of poly(lactic acid). Yang, I-Kuan; Wu, Chia-Shueh Report 5839

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