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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 2014)

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Anisotropic Loss of Toughness with Physical Aging of Work Toughened Polycarbonate. Strabala, Kyle; Meagher, Shawn; Landais, Charles; Delbreilh, Laurent; Negahban, Mehrdad; Salter, Jea Report 6000
Cure Characterization of Cycom 977-2A Carbon/Epoxy Composites for Quickstep Processing. Khan, Laraib A.; Kausary, Ayesha; Hussain, Syed Tajammul; Iqbal, Zafar; J. Day, Richard; Syed, Ahmed Report 6510
Curing, gelling, thermomechanical, and thermal decomposition behaviors of anhydride-cured epoxy (dgeba)/epoxidized soybean oil compositions. Report 5256
Effect of Organoclay and Silver-Substituted Zeolite on the Mechanical and Antibacterial Properties of a Silicone Rubber Filled with 2-Hydroxypropyl-3-Piperazinyl-Quinoline Carboxylic Acid Methacrylate. Taptim, Kulnida; Ansarifar, Ali; Sombatsompop, Narongrit Report 6927
Effects of an aminosilane and a tetra-functional epoxy on the physical properties of di-functional epoxy/graphene nanoplatelets nanocomposites. Park, Jun Ki; Kim, Dae Su Report 3847
Ethanol purification using polyamide-carbon nanotube composite membranes. Marjani, Azam Report 3689
Fabrication of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-block-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer on Silicon Substrates via Surface-Initiated Reverse Iodine Transfer Polymerization. Wang, Li-Ping; Lv, Xin-Hu; Li, Guang; Li, Yu-Chao Report 3110
Improvement of Blown Film Extrusion of Poly(Lactic Acid): Structure-Processing-Properties Relationships. Mallet, Benoit; Lamnawar, Khalid; Maazouz, Abderrahim Report 10959
Influence of Additives on the Properties of Casting Nafion Membranes and SO-Based Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators. Wang, Yanjie; Chen, Hualing; Wang, Yongquan; Luo, Bin; Chang, Longfei; Zhu, Zicai; Li, Bo 7188
Manufacturing of Biocompatible Nonwoven Structures by Using Spray Atomization of Dissolved Polymers. Nadzeyka,Ingo; Gabler, Carolin; Erarslan, Duygu; Safi, Yara; Steinseifer, Ulrich 4176
Modeling the Rheology of SR1500 and LY556 Epoxies Under Manufacturer's Recommended Cure Cycles after Viscosimetry and Rheometry Characterization. Faria, Hugo; Pires, Andrade F.M.; Marques, Torres A. Report 5590
Morphology and Properties of Highly Filled iPP/[Ti0/sub.2] Nanocomposites. Zohrevand, Ahmad; Ajji,Abdellah; Frej, Mighri Report 9082
Morphology and Structure of Nylon-6 Crystallized in Epoxy Resin Matrix. Vyas, Aniket; Iron, Jude O. Report 4849
Novel Injection Molding Foaming Approaches Using Gas-Laden Pellets With (N.sub.2), C02, and (N.sub.2) + C02 as the Blowing Agents. Sun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng Report 7615
Poly(L-lactide)/Poly(D-lactide)/Clay Nanocomposites Enhanced Dispersion, Crystallization, Mechanical Properties, and Hydrolytic Degradation. Li, Yi; Han, Changyu; Zhang, Xin; Xu, Kun; Bian, Junjia; Dong, Lisong Report 6509
Polyamide 6-cellulose composites: effect of cellulose composition on melt rheology and crystallization behavior. Report 5956
Polymer engineering Ampersand science. 591
Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy for miscibility investigations of styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer/polystyrene blends. Report 3944
Self-healing materials for structural applications. Report 5192
Static and Dynamic Compressive Properties of Polypropylene/Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites. Omar, Mohd Firdaus; Akil, Hazizan Md; Ahmad, Zainal Arifin; Mahmud, Shahrom Report 6415
Structural Analysis and Dielectric Property of Novel Conjugated Polycyanurates. Zhao, Xiong-Yan; Wang, Ming-Zhu; Ji, Jiao-Qing; Wang, Tian-Heng; Yang, Fei; Du, Juan-Min Report 3509
Synergistic flame retardant effects of ammonium polyphosphate in ethylene-vinyl acetate/layered double hydroxides composites. Report 5693
Synthesis and characterization of aliphatic polyesteramides mainly composed of alternating diester diamide units from n,n-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-oxamide and diacids. Report 6515
Synthesis and Properties of Block and Graft Waterborne Polyurethane Modified With [alpha],[omega]-Bis(3-(1-methoxy-2-hydroxypropoxy)propyl) polydimethylsiloxane and [alpha]-N, N-Dihydroxyethylaminopropyl-[omega]-butylpolydimethylsiloxane. Yu, Yitao; Wang, Jing Report 3333
Systematic Organophilization of Montmorillonite: The Impact Thereof on the Rheometric and Mechanical Characteristics of NBR and SBR Based Nanocomposites. Essawy, Hisham A.; Tawfik, Magda E.; Khalil, Ahmed M.; El-Sabbagh, Salwa H. Report 4845
Thermal conductivities of electrospun polyimide-mesophase pitch nanofibers and mats. Yan, Han; Mahanta, Nayandeep K.; Majerus, Laurent J.; Abramson, Alexis R.; Cakmak, Miko Report 3463

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