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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (June 1, 2013)

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Branched copolymers with biodegradable core and pendant oxirane groups. Neugebauer, Dorota; Maksym-Bebenek, Paulina; Mielanczyk, Anna; Biela, Tadeusz Report 5649
Effect of functionalized nanosilica on the mechanical, dynamic-mechanical, and morphological performance of polycarbonate/nanosilica nanocomposites. Biswal, Manoranjan; Mohanty, Smita; Nayak, Sanjay K.; Kumar, P. Sudheesh Report 6505
Electrically conducting biodegradable polymer composites (polylactide-polypyrrole and polycaprolactone-polypyrrole) for passive resonant circuits. Boutry, Clementine M.; Gerber-Horler, Isabel; Hierold, Christofer Report 6738
Electrospun poly(ethylene oxide)/hydrated iron oxide/sodium alginate composite nanofibers with multi-functional properties. Moon, SungCheal; Lee, Jung-lim Report 3366
Enhanced polymer filling and uniform shrinkage of polymer and mold in a hot embossing process. He, Yong; Fu, JianZhong; Zhao, Peng; Chen, Zi Chen Report 3050
Experimental investigation of the effect of residual stresses on rapid crack propagation in polyethylene (PE100) pipes. Guevara-Morales, Andrea; Leevers, Patrick Report 4056
Fabrication of polystyrene/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films synthesized by in situ microemulsion polymerization. Patole, Archana S.; Patole, Shashikant P.; Yoo, Ji-Beom; An, Jeong-Ho; Kim, Tae-Ho Report 5205
Flow instabilities in Rheotens experiments: analysis of the impacts of the process conditions through Neural Network modeling. Tronci, Stefania; Coppola, Salvatore; Bacchelli, Fabio; Grosso, Massimiliano Report 6665
Fluorescent-tagged maleic anhydride-allylpolyethoxy carboxylate copolymer as an environmentally benign inhibitor for calcium phosphate in industrial cooling systems. Huang, Jingyi; Liu, Guangqing; Zhou, Yuming; Yao, Qingzhao; Yang, Yong; Wang, Huchuan; Ling, Lei; Ca Report 3703
Holographic recording characteristics and physical mechanism of zinc methacrylate/nitroaniline-co-doped poly(methyl methacrylate)/9, 10-phenanthrenequinone photopolymers. Ko, Cheng-Jung; Chen, Po-Lin; Hsiao, Yi-Nan; Lin, Shiuan-Huei; Whang, Wha-Tzong; Hsu, Ken Y.; Huang, Report 4817
Methods for quantifying the stable sintering region in laser sintered polyamide-12. Vasquez, M.; Haworth, B.; Hopkinson, N. Report 5444
Morphological, mechanical, tribological, and thermal expansion properties of organoclay reinforced polyethylene composites. Pollanen, Maija; Suihkonen, Reija; Nevalainen, Katja; Koistinen, Arto P.; Suvanto, Mika; Vuorinen, J Report 4044
Nano ZnO as cure activator and reinforcing filler in natural rubber. Panampilly, Bindu; Thomas, Sabu Report 6096
New thiophene-based donor-acceptor conjugated polymers carrying fluorene or cyanovinylene units: synthesis, characterization, and electroluminescent properties. Murali, Maluvadi G.; Dalimba, Udayakumar; Yadav, Vandana; Srivastava, Ritu Report 7354
Numerical modeling and optimization of wastewater treatment using porous polymeric membranes. Rezakazemi, Mashallah; Ghafarinazari, Ali; Shirazian, Saeed; Khoshsima, Ali 5167
Optical limiting materials: synthesis, electrochemical and optical studies of new thiophene based conjugated polymers carrying 1,3,4-oxadiazole units. Shivashankar, Sunitha M.; Anantapadmanabha, Vishnumurthy K.; Adhikari, Airody Vasudeva Report 6688
Palm oil-based unsaturated polyester: activation energy and swelling properties. Lai, Choay-Mon; Rozman, Hj. Din; Tay, Guan-Seng Report 4989
Preparation and characterization of polypyrrole/selenium composites. Ozkazanc, Ersel; Zor, Sibel; Ozkazanc, Hatice; Gumus, Serap Report 3651
Preparation and phase behavior of blends of polysulfone-based polymers with phosphorous-containing smectic-a liquid crystals. Vlad-Bubulac, Tachita; Serbezeanu, Diana; Hamciuc, Corneliu; Petreus, Oana; Carja, lonela-Daniela; L Report 4387
Study on glass transition temperature and mechanical properties of cadmium sulfide/polystyrene nanocomposites. Agarwal, Sonalika; Patidar, Dinesh; Saxena, N.S. Report 4801
Synthesis, structure, and thermal stability of poly(methyl methacrylate)-co-poly(3-tri(methoxysilyil)propyl methacrylate)/montmorillonite nanocomposites. Carvalho, Hudson W.P.; Suzana, Ana F; Santilli, Celso V.; Pulcinelli, Sandra H. Report 5157
The plasticizing effect of calcium nitrate on poly(vinyl alcohol). Jiang, Xiancai; Jiang, Ting; Zhang, Xiaofei; Zhang, Xi; Dai, Hua Report 4318
The role of polycarbonate molecular weight in the poly(L-lactide blends compatibilized with poly(butylene succinate-co-L-lactate). Wang, Y.; Chiao, S.M.; Lai, M.-T.; Yang, S.-Y. 6662
The synthesis of poly(vinyl cinnamates) and its self-assembled structure. Du, Haiyan; Liu, Ruodong; Zhang, Junhua; Liu, Shibin; Hao, Xiaogang; Han, Xuemin Report 3382
Toughening and brittle-tough transition in polyamide 12-organoclay/maleated styrene-ethylene-co-butylene-styrene nanocomposites. Gonzalez, Imanol; Zabaleta, Asier; Eguiazabal, Jose Ignacio Report 4959
Water and dye sorption studies of novel semi IPNs: acrylamide/4-styrenesulfonic acid sodium salt/PEG hydrogels. Uzum, Omer Baris; Karadag, Erdener Report 6374

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