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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (February 1, 2013)

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A numerical computation and experimental study of air Drawing model of polymers in spunbonding nonwoven process. Bo, Zhao Report 4370
Design and thermoregulation of a new microextrusion dispense head for 3D-plotting of thermally sensitive thermoplastics. Ragaer, K.; De Baere, I.; Moerman, M.; Cardon, L.; Degrleck, J. Report 6207
Development, optimization, and evaluation of emulsion-gelled floating beads using natural polysaccharide-blend for controlled drug release. Nayak, Amit Kumar; Pal, Dilipkumar; Malakar, Jadupati Report 7531
Effect of heat treatment of carbon nanofibers on the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of linear low density polyethylene nanocomposites. Villacorta, Byron S.; Ogale, Amod A.; Hubing, Todd H. Report 4738
Effect of silane coupling agent on the durability of epoxy adhesion for structural strengthening applications. Choi, Sungwon; Mau1, Scott; Stewart, Andrew; Hamilton, H.R.; Douglas, Elliot P. Report 7310
Effects of nanotube modification on the dielectric behaviors and mechanical properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes/epoxy composites. Guo, Xiusheng; Yu, Demei; Wu, Jingshen; Min, Chao; Guol, Rongnan Report 4027
Fluorescence quenching of fluoranthene by maleic anhydride in solution and during nonreactive and reactive twin-screw extrusion. Methenni, Amine; Mighri, Frej; Elkoun, Said; Fang, Haixia; Cassagnau, Philippe Report 2947
High impact poly(lactic acid)/poly(ethylene octane) blends prepared by reactive blending. Feng, Yulin; Hu, Yuexin; Yin, Jinghua; Zhao, Guiyan; Jiang, Wei Report 4581
Influence of two compatibilizers on Clay/PP nanocomposites properties. Potarniche, Catalina-Gabriela; Vuluga, Zina; Christiansen, Jesper de Claville; Radovici, Constantin; Report 3231
Kinetic finite element model to optimize sulfur vulcanization: application to extruded EPDM weather-strips. Milani, G.; Milani, F. Report 8325
Photostabilizing efficiency of ultraviolet light stabilizers for rigid poly(vinyl chloride) against photo-oxidation. Zhang, Xiaofei; Pi, Hong; Guo, Shaoyun Report 5567
Phthalonitrile-containing poly(amide imide)s With nanoactuation properties. Hamciuc, Elena; Hamciuc, Corneliu; Carja, lonela-Daniela; Vlad-Bubulac, Tachita; lgnat Mircea Report 5578
Poly-left-lactic acid tubular scaffolds via diffusion induced phase separation: control of morphology. Pavia, Francesco Carti; Carrubba, Vincenzo La; Ghersi, Giulio; Brucatol, Valerio Report 6261
Preparation and properties of novel poly(propylene oxide)-biock-Polylactide-Based Polyurethane Foams. Ma, Yan; Yang, Dongmei; Shi, Wenpeng; Li, Suming; Fan, Zhongyong; Tu, Jianjun; Wang, Wei Report 5620
Reinforcing effect of nanosilica on the properties of natural rubber/reclaimed ground rubber tire vulcanizates. De, Debapriya; Panda, Prabir Kr.; Roy, Madhusudan; Bhunia, Satyaban; Jaman Abu Ismail Report 6141
Role of carboxylic acid functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes in polyamide 6/poly(methyl methacrylate) blend. Madhukar, K.; Sainath, A.V. Sesha; Rao, B. Sanjeeva; Kumar, D. Suresh; Bikshamaiah, N.; Srinivas, Y. Report 3506
Studies on fabrication, characterization, and metal extraction using metal chelating nonwoven nanofiber mats of poly(vinyl alcohol) and sodium alginate blends. Rathna, G.V.N.; Birajdar, Mallinath S.; Paul, Manish Bhagwani Report 7479
Surface properties and blood compatibility of some aliphatic/aromatic polyimide blends. Nica, Simona-Luminita; Hulubei, Camelia; Stoica, luliana; Loanid, Ghiocel Emil; Loan, Silvia Report 5331
Synergistic effects of polyethylene glycol and ammonium polyphosphate on intumescent flame-retardant polypropylene. Li, Xiuyun; Yan, Tairong; Hu, Xiaoping; Wang, Ke; Fu, Qiang 3888
Synthesis of new organic semiconductors based on poly(2-anilinoethanol) doped with different acids and investigation of their electro-optical properties. Ahlatciog1u, E.; Senkal, B.F.; Yakuphanoglu, F.; Mansour, Sh.A. Report 3512
The deformation behavior of polypropylene film under high strain rates. Tokihisa, Masayoshi; Kushizaki, Yoshiyuki; Tomiyama, Hideki; Umeda, Yuki; Yamada, Toshiro Report 6640
The influence of gas-assisted injection molding parameters on the structure and thermomechanical properties of hollow parts. Gnatowski, Adam; Stachowiak, Tomasz Report 2016
Thermomechanical and tensile properties of gamma-ray irradiated blends of cis-polyisoprene and trans-polyisoprene. Baboo, Mahesh; Sharma, Kananbala; Saxena, N.S.; Kumar, Manmohan Report 4573
Thermomechanical behavior of polymer/layered silicate clay nanocomposites based on unmodified low density polyethylene. Grigoriadi.K.; Giannakas, A.; Ladavos, A.; Barkoulal, N.-M. Report 5270

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