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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 2013)

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Constitutive modeling of polycarbonate during high strain rate deformation. Safari, Keivan H.; Zamani, Jamal; Ferreira, Fernando J.; Guedes, Rui M. Report 6780
Crystallization behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites containing zinc phenylphosphonate. Tsuboi, Tomoya; Katayama, Hiromu; Itoh, Takashi Report 3250
Development of novel porous nasal scaffold using injection molding. Teng, Ping-Tun; Chern, Ming-Jyh; Shen, Yung-Kang; Chiang, Yuh-Chyun Report 4242
Dielectric and mechanical properties of natural nanofibers-reinforced ethylene propylene diene rubber: carrot foliage and corn gluten. Rozik, Nehad N.; Abd-Ei Messieh, Salwa L.; Yaseen, Attia A.; Shouk, Abd-Ei-Hafiz A. Report 4012
Dielectric behavior of aluminum hydroxide-filled oil-extended ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer rubber composites in microwave fields. Nair, Ajalesh Balachandran; Kalappura, Ullas G.; Kurian, Philip; Joseph, Rani Report 4181
Effect of heating and stretching polyacrylonitrile precursor fibers in steam on the properties of stabilized fibers and carbon fibers. Qin, Xianying; Lu, Yonggen; Xiao, Hao; Zhao, Weizhe Report 3385
Effect of the nanoclay types on the rheological response of unsaturated polyester-clay nanocomposites. Rezadoust, Amir Masoud; Esfandeh, Masoud; Beheshty, Mohammad Hosain; Heinrich, Gert Report 4938
Experimental study of preform reheat temperature in two-stage injection stretch blow molding. Demirel, B.; Daver, F. Report 3797
Extrusion of humidity-resistant starch foam sheets. Yang, Zhiguan; Graiver, Daniel; Narayan, Ramani Report 6041
High energy density nanocomposites based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) and barium titanate. Wen, Fei; Xu, Zhuo; Xia, Weimin; Wei, Xiaoyong; Zhang, Zhicheng Report 4296
Influence of processing parameters on the structure of melt blended polyethylene/organoclay nanocomposites produced by a masterbatch route. Besco, Stefano; Modesti, Michele; Lorenzetti, Alessandra Report 5348
Investigation of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of pH-sensitive poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) hydrogels prepared with different crosslinking agents. Orakdogen, Nermin Report 5914
Micromechanical models for carbon nanotube and cellulose nanowhisker reinforced composites. Loos, M.R.; Manas-Zioczower, I. Report 3884
Nanoscale characterization of interphase properties in maleated polypropylene-treated natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Nair, Sandeep S.; Hurley, Donna C.; Wang, Siqun; Young, Timothy M. Report 4854
New polyurethane-based magnetostrictive composites: dynamical mechanical properties. Vilas, J.L.; Laza, J.M.; Rodriguez, C.; Rodriguez, M.; Leon, L.M. Report 4503
Preparation and properties of carbon nanotube composites with nitrile- and styrene-butadiene rubbers. Kummerlowe, Claudia; Vennemann, Norbert; Yankova, Ekaterina; Wanitschek, Mirko; Grob, Catharina; Hei Report 4784
Processing and properties of hydrophilic electrospun polylactic acid/beta-tricalcium phosphate membrane for dental applications. Hu, Hsin-Tai; Lee, Sheng-Yang; Chen, Chien-Chung; Yang, Yen-Cheng; Yang, Jen-Chang Report 5382
Properties of grafted polymer metal complexes as ion exchangers and its electrical conductivity. Ei-Arnaouty, M.B.; Ghaffar, Abdel A.M; Eid, M. Report 4525
Properties of thermoplastic starch and TPS/polycaprolactone blend reinforced with sisal whiskers using extrusion processing. Campos, A.; Teodoro, K.B.R.; Teixeira, E.M.; Correa, A.C.; Marconcini, J.M.; Wood, D.F.; Williams, T Report 5075
Sensitivity of polyvinylidene fluoride films to mechanical vibration modes and impact after optimizing stretching conditions. Jain, Anjana; Kumar, Jayanth S.; Srikanth, S.; Rathod, V.T.; Mahapatra, Roy D. Report 3801
Simulations and measurements of in-mold melt flow during the injection molding of polystyrene. Bress, Thomas J.; Dowling, David R. Report 4910
Study of rheological, thermal, and mechanical behavior of reprocessed Polyamide 6. Crespo, J.E.; Parres, F.; Peydro, M.A.; Navarro, R. 5210
Synthesis and characterization of high performance, transparent interpenetrating polymer networks with polyurethane and poly(methyl methacrylate). Bird, S.A.; Clary, D.; Jajam, K.C.; Tippur, H.V.; Auad, M.L. Report 4640
The effect of recycled polymer addition on the thermorheological behavior of modified lubricating greases. Martin-Alfonso, J.E.; Valencia, C.; Sanchez, M.C.; Franco, J.M.; Gallegos, C. Report 4962
The influence of injection molding parameters and blowing agent addition on selected properties, surface state, and structure of HDPE parts. Bociaga, Elzbieta; Palutkiewicz, Pawel Report 5812
Uni- and biaxial impact behavior of double-gated nanoclay-reinforced Polypropylene injection moldings. Pettarin, Valeria; Viau, Gaston; Fasce, Laura; Viana, Julio C.; Pontes, Antonio J.; Frontini, Patric Report 5383

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