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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (June 1, 2012)

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A novel method for preparing nanoparticle-coated additives used in polypropylene composites. Qian, Zheng; Wang, Peng; Gogost, Costas G. 4876
A numerical treatment of crystallization in tube flow. Wo, Duane Lee; Tanner, Roger I.; Fletcher, David F. Report 7424
A study on electrical and thermal conductivities of ethylene-octene copolymer/expandble graphite composites. Svoboda, Petr; Theravalappil, Rajesh; Poongavalappil, Sameepa; Vilcakova, Jarmila; Svobodova, Dagmar Report 4368
Assessment of Paramenters influencing fiber characteristics of chitosan nanofiber membrane to optimize fiber Mat production. Areias, A.C.; Gomez-Tejedor, J.A.; Sencadas, V.; Alio, J.; Ribelles, J.L. Gomez; Lanceros-Mendez, S. Report 4883
Calcium carbonate composite hydrogel films: particle packing and optical properties. Guvendiren, Murat; Soshinski, Andre A.; Gambogi, Robert J.; Yang, Shu 4681
Carborane-Incorporated polysilyleneethynylenephenyleneethynylenes with different side groups. Wang, Canfeng; Jiang, Yun; Gao, Yu; Zhou, Yan; Huang, Farong; Du, Lei Report 5172
Crystallization of low-density polyethylene embedded inside zinc oxide nanoparticle percolating network. Liang, Guo-Dong; Liu,Ting-Ting; Qin, Wang-Ping; Zhu, Fang-Ming; Wu, Qing Report 3986
Curing behavior of azo-containing twin liquid crystalline epoxy resins with anhydride. Zhou, Dewen; Lu, Mangeng; Liang, Liyan; Shen, Tengfei; Xiao, Wanping Report 3511
Drawing and ultimate tensile properties of nylon 6/nylon 6 clay composite fibers. Yeh, Jen-Taut; Wang, Chuen-Kai; Liu, Zhi-Wei; Li, Peng; Tsou, Chi-Hui; Lai, Yu-Ching; Tsai, Fang-Cha Report 4787
Dynamic gray-box modeling for on-line monitoring of polymer extrusion viscosity. Liu, Xueqin; Li, Kang; McAfee, Marion; Nguyen, Bao Kha; McNally, Gerard M. Report 6852
Effect of fiber modification with a novel compatibilizer on the mechanical properties and water absorption of hemp-fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester composites. Qiu, Renhui; Ren, Xiaofeng; Lie, Kaichang Report 3421
Experimental investigation on the role of PVA in eliminating inhibition phenomenon of carbon black during the synthesis of polystyrene/carbon black composite particles. Yan, Juntao; Wang, Chunlei; Gao, Yan; Zheng, Zaihang; Cheng, Zhiciiang; Cui, Xuejun; Wang, Hongyan Report 5051
Experimental study for starve-fed single screw extrusion of thermoplastics. Wilczynski, Krzysztof; Lewandowski, Adrian; Wilczynski, Krzysztof J. Report 6270
Hot-embossing experiments of polymethyl methacrylate across the glass transition temperature with variation in temperature and hold times. Singh, Kamakshi; Dupaix, Rebecca B. Report 3869
Improved photochromic and fatigue performance of (E)-dicyclopropylmethylene-(2,5-dimethy1-3-furylethylidene)-succinicanhydride doped in polyurethane thin film. Mohamed, Abdullah Report 2257
Influence of cure conditions on properties of resol/layered silicate nanocomposites. Lopez, Marta; Blanco, Miren; Martin, Maria; Mondragon, Inaki Report 6151
Kinetics and chemical reactions of acetaldehyde stripping and 2-methyl-1,3-dioxolane generation in polyethylene terephthalate. Kesaboina, Sirisha R.; Lofgren, Elizabeth A.; Jabarin, Saleh A. Report 8082
Mechanical and electrical multifunctional poly3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate--multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites. Vidhate, Shailesh; Innocentini-Mei, Lucia; D'Souzal, Nandika Anne Report 4198
Mechanical and electrical properties of polyamide-6-based nanocomposites reinforced by fulleroid fillers. Zuev, Vjacheslav V.; Ivanova, Yulia G. Report 3660
Method of analyzing and quantifying the performance of mixing sections. Kubik, Pavel; Vlcek, Jiri; Tzoganakis, Costas; Miller, Luke Report 4437
Model for a two-cavity coating die with pressure and temperature deformation. Shetty, Sneha; Ruschak, Kenneth J.; Weinstein, Steven J. Report 7873
Shear flow of molten polymer in melt blowing. Xin, Sanfa; Wang, Xinhou Report 3570
Structure-property relationship studies in amine functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes filled polypropylene composite fiber. Tambe, Pankaj B.; Bhattacharyya, Arup R.; Kamath, Srikanth S.; Kulkarni, Ajit R.; Sreekumar, T.V.; S Report 7559
The effect of molecular structure of polypropylene on stretchability for biaxially oriented film. Tamura, Satoshi; Kuramoto, Itaru; Kanai, Toshitaka Report 5422
Uniaxial compression and combined Compression-and-Shear response of amorphous polycarbonate at high loading rates. Prakash, Vikas; Mehta, Namit Report 9970

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