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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (January 1, 2011)

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A UV-initiated reactive extrusion process for production of controlled-rheology polypropylene. He, Guangjian; Tzoganakis, Costas Report 3890
Amphiphile polydimethylsiloxane-based networks reinforced with in situ generated silica. Alexandru, Mihaela; Cazacu, Maria; Racles, Carmen; Grigoras, Cristian Report 4351
Degree of dispersion of polymeric compounds determined with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. Krumbholz, N.; Hochrein, T.; Vieweg, N.; Radovanovic, I.; Pupeza, I.; Schubert, M.; Kretschmer, K.; Report 4760
Development and characterization of solid and porous polylactide-multiwall carbon nanotube composites. Rizvi, Reza; Khan, Omer; Naguib, Hani E. Report 7334
Experimental and modeling studies on the solubility of sub- and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sc[CO.sub.2]) in potato starch and derivatives. Muljana, Henky; Picchioni, Francesco; Heeres, Hero J.; Janssen, Leon P.B.M. Report 6188
Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber and hindered phenol composite. II. characterization of hydrogen bonding. Cao, Yuanyi; Mou, Haiyan; Shen, Fei; Xu, Haiyan; Hu, Guo-Hua; Wu, Chifei Report 3617
Identification and evaluation of progressive thermal degradation caused by carbamate formation in cyanate ester resin-based composites. Zaldivar, Rafael J.; Nokes, James P. 8275
Incorporation of reactive silver-tricalcium phosphate nanoparticles into polyamide 6 allows preparation of self-disinfecting fibers. Gerber, Lukas C.; Mohn, Dirk; Fortunato, Giuseppino; Astasov-Frauenhoffer, Monika; Imfeld, Thomas; W Report 3856
Influence of molecular weight on rheological, thermal, and mechanical properties of PEEK. Yuan, Mingjun; Galloway, Jeffrey A.; Hoffman, Richard J.; Bhatt, Sanjiv Report 5722
Interdiffusion analysis based on novel ultrasonic welding method with inserting interposed sheet. Zhang, Guohong; Qiu, Jianhui Report 3701
Microwave absorption of poly-N-vinylcarbazole--polyaniline composites. Basavaraja, C.; Jo, Eun Ae; Kim, Bong Seong; Kim, Dae Gun; Huh, Do Sung Report 4349
Microwave promoted synthesis and characterization of isomeric poly(ether ether ketone)s. Li, Man; Zhang, Aiqing; Yin, Jun; Liew, Kong Yong Report 2750
Physical properties of epoxy resin/titanium dioxide nanocomposites. Polizos, Georgios; Tuncer, Enis; Sauers, Isidor; More, Karren L. Report 4902
Plastic deformation of low-density polyethylene reinforced with biodegradable polylactide, part 1: microstructural analysis and tensile behavior at constant true strain-rate. Rezgui, F.; G'Sell, C.; Dahoun, A.; Hiver, J.M.; Sadoun, T. Report 5152
Plastic deformation of low-density polyethylene reinforced with biodegradable polylactide, part 2: creep characterization and modeling. Rezgui, F.; G'Sell, C.; Dahoun, A.; Hiver, J.M.; Sadoun, T. Report 4252
Preparation of nanocomposite dispersions based on cellulose whiskers and acrylic copolymer by miniemulsion polymerization: effect of the silane content. Mabrouk, Ayman Ben; Kaddami, Hamid; Magnin, Albert; Belgacem, Mohamed Naceur; Dufresne, Alain; Boufi Report 5259
Rheological study on high-density polyethylene/organoclay composites. Tang, Youhong; Yang, Cheng; Gao, Ping; Ye, Lin; Zhao, Chengbi; Lin, Wei Report 5321
Simulation of screw pumping characteristics for intermeshing counter-rotating twin screw extruders. Jiang, Qibo; Yang, Jinhai; White, James L. 2746
Surface modification of spruce wood flour and effects on the dynamic fragility of PLA/wood composites. Gregorova, Adriana; Hrabalova, Marta; Kovalcik, Rene; Wimmer, Rupert Report 5115
The curing retardation and mechanism of high temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber filled with superconductive carbon blacks. Zhang, Yuanyuan; Pang, Minglei; Xu, Qiang; Lu, Haifeng; Zhang, Jie; Feng, Shengyu Report 4428
Thermal stresses and birefringence in quenched tubes and rods: simulation and experiment. Carrillo, Antonio J.; Isayev, A.I. Report 13546
Thermoplastic vibration welding: review of process phenomenology and processing-structure-property interrelationships. Patham, Bhaskar; Foss, Peter H. Report 16307

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