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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (September 1, 2010)

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A theoretical model of concurrent longitudinal and circumferential superdrawing of hollow polyethylene terephthalate fibers. Wang, Youjiang; Aneja, Arun Pal Report 4171
Benzophenone incorporated polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels as photo-induced antimicrobial materials. Hong, Kyung Hwa; Sun, Gang Report 4098
Bulk and surface molecular orientation distribution in injection-molded liquid crystalline polymers: experiment and simulation. Fang, Jun; Burghardt, Wesley R.; Bubeck, Robert A.; Burgard, Susan M.; Fischer, Daniel A. Report 7908
Characterization of a reverse molding sequence at the mesoscale for in-mold assembly of revolute joints. Ananthanarayanan, Arvind; Gupta, Satyandra K.; Bruck, Hugh A. Report 6371
Crystallization and biodegradation of polylactide/carbon nanotube composites. Wu, Defeng; Wu, Liang; Zhou, Weidong; Zhang, Ming; Yang, Tao Report 7877
Discharge behaviors and jet profiles during electrospinning of Poly(vinyl alcohol). Kadomae, Yosuke; Sugimoto, Masataka; Taniguchi, Takashi; Koyama, Kiyohito Report 4507
Dynamic mechanical properties and morphology of Poly(benzyl methacrylate)/epoxy thermoset blends. Prolongo, Margarita G.; Arribas, Carmen; Salom, Catalina; Masegosa, Rosa M. Report 5991
Effect of nanoparticles on the performance of thermally conductive epoxy adhesives. Fu, Jifang; Shi, Liyi; Zhang, Dengsong; Zhong, Qingdong; Chen, Yi Report 7054
Effect of plasma treatment of silk fibroin powder on the properties of silk fibroin powder/polyurethane blend film. Zhu, Lu; Xu, Weilin; Ma, Mingbo; Zhou, Hao Report 4086
Importance of coupling between specific energy and viscosity in the modeling of twin screw extrusion of starchy products. Berzin, Francoise; Tara, Ahmed; Tighzert, Lan; Vergnes, Bruno Report 3831
Influence of initial mixing methods on melt-extruded single-walled carbon nanotube--polypropylene nanocomposites. Radhakrishnan, Vinod K.; Davis, Edward W.; Davis, Virginia A. Report 7308
Morphology and property of polyethylene pipe extruded at the low mandrel rotation. Nie, Min; Wang, Qi; Bai, ShiBing Report 4899
Oil palm microcomposites: processing and mechanical behavior. Joseph, Shaji; P.A., Sreekumar; Kenny, Jose M.; Puglia, Debora; Thomas, Sabu; Joseph, Kuruvilla Report 6644
Poly(acrylonitrile-co-vinyl acetate)/Ag composite microspheres: one-pot fabrication and application as catalyst. Xiao, Hongping; Xia, Youyi Report 2675
Polymerization of ethylene by ([alpha]-diimine) nickel catalyst and statistical analysis of the effects of reaction conditions. Ferreira, Luis Carlos, Jr.; Melo, Priamo Albuquerque, Jr.; Crossetti, Geraldo Lopes; Galland, Grisel Report 8232
Preparation and characterization of nanoclay-filled polyurethane/polypropylene blends. Kannan, M.; Bhagawan, S.S.; Jose, Tomlal; Thomas, Sabu; Joseph, Kuruvilla Report 4197
Preparation of the chitosan containing nanofibers by electrospinning chitosan--gelatin complexes. Haider, Sajjad; Al-Masry, Waheed A.; Bukhari, Nausheen; Javid, Muhammad Report 3766
Process of grafting styrene onto LLDPE by swelling and suspension copolymerization. Yan, Jing; Miao, Xiaojie; Cui, Xuejun; Jin, Weiqun; Liang, Hongwei; Li, Junfeng; Wang, Hongyan Report 3946
Simultaneously improved toughness and dielectric properties of epoxy/graphite nanosheet composites. Min, Chao; Yu, Demei Report 5189
Synthesis and characterization of acetylene-terminated polybenzoxazines based on polyaralkyl-phenolic prepolymer. Qi, Huimin; Pan, Guangyan; Zhuang, Yuanqi; Huang, Farong; Du, Lei Report 3575

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