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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (January 1, 2010)

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A facile synthesis method of nickel nanotubes assisted by polyethylene glycol. Tao, Feifei; Gao, Cuiling; Xu, Zheng; Xue, Ziling Report 2314
A neck-in model in extrusion lamination process. Shiromoto, Seiji; Masutani, Yasushi; Tsutsubuchi, Masaaki; Togawa, Yoshiaki; Kajiwara, Toshihisa Report 5183
Application of thiol-ene photopolymerization for injectable intraocular lenses: a preliminary study. Niu, Guoguang; Song, Li; Zhang, Hongbin; Cui, Xiaopeng; Kashima, Miki; Yang, Zhou; Cao, Hui; Wang, G Report 5047
Barrier properties of organic-inorganic hybrid coatings based on polyvinyl alcohol with improved water resistance. Minelli, Matteo; Angelis, Maria Grazia De; Doghieri, Ferruccio; Rocchetti, Marco; Montenero, Angelo Report 7585
Characterization of contamination effects for two polypropylene-based materials. Pessey, Daniel; Bahlouli, Nadia; Raveyre, Claude; Guillet, Jacques; Ahzi, Said; Hiver, Jean-Marie; D Report 5674
Chemical modification and dechlorination of polyvinyl chloride by substitution with thiocyanate as a nucleophile. Kameda, Tomohito; Ono, Masahiko; Grause, Guido; Mizoguchi, Tadaaki; Yoshioka, Toshiaki Report 3108
Cure kinetics modeling and cure shrinkage behavior of a thermosetting composite. Ersoy, Nuri Report 5171
Determination of the heat transfer coefficient from short-shots studies and precise simulation of microinjection molding. Nguyen-Chung, Tham; Juttner, Gabor; Loser, Cindy; Pham, Tung; Gehde, Michael Report 4807
Development of a rheo-dielectric sensor for online shear stress measurement during the injection molding process. Peng, Yiyan; Li, Haimei; Turng, Lih-Sheng 5309
Effects of addition of functionalized SEBS on rheological, mechanical, and tribological properties of polyamide 6 nanocomposites. Nishitani, Yosuke; Yamada, Yoshinao; Ishii, Chiharu; Sekiguchi, Isamu; Kitano, Takeshi 7474
Effects of nanoparticle feed location during nanocomposite compounding. Ashter, Ali; Tsai, Su-Jung; Lee, Jun S.; Ellenbecker, Michael J.; Mead, Joey L.; Barry, Carol F. Report 6622
Flow pattern variations of viscoelastic fluid flows in three-dimensional branching channel. Yamaguchi, Hiroshi; Zhang, Xin-Rong; Matsumoto, Tomoko Report 3810
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers used in epoxy/amine matrices that avoid partittioning of the monomers at the fiber interface. Auad, Maria L.; Mosiewicki, Mirna A.; Uzunpinar, Cihan; Williams, Roberto J.J. Report 4391
Impression creep of PMR-15 resin at elevated temperatures. Chen, Rong; Lu, Y.C.; Yang, Fuqian; Tandon, G.P.; Schoeppner, G.A. Report 2676
Influence of carbon nanofiber structure on properties of linear low density polyethylene composites. Lee, Sungho; Kim, Myung-Soo; Ogale, Amod A. Report 3036
On the physical behavior of isotactic polypropylene fibers extruded at different draw-down ratios: II. structure and properties. El-Dessouky, Hassan M.; Mahmoudi, Mohammad R.; Lawrence, Carl A.; Lewis, Eric L.V.; Voice, Alison M. Report 5627
Preparation and biodegradation of copolyesters based on poly(ethylene terephthalate) and poly(ethylene glycol)/oligo(lactic acid) by transesterification. Tan, Licheng; Chen, Yiwang; Zhou, Weihua; Li, Fan; Chen, Lie; He, Xiaohui Report 5625
Rheological behavior of polydispersed bubble suspensions in shear flows. Joh, Sung Wu; Lee, Seung Hwan; Youn, Jae Ryoun Report 5988
Rheological properties of blends of linear and long-chain branched polypropylenes. Tabatabaei, Seyed H.; Carreau, Pierre J.; Ajji, Abdellah Report 4754
Studies on the effect of movement during the cure on the mechanical properties of a silicone building joint sealant. White, C.C.; Hunston, D.L.; Williams, R.S. 4590
Study of the molecular orientation heterogeneity in polypropylene injection-molded parts by Raman spectroscopy. Martin, J.; Margueron, S.; Fontana, M.; Cochez, M.; Bourson, P. Report 3500
Study on a novel ion-conductive compound plasticizer for soft and antistatic PVC materials. Wang, Jiliang; Yang, Wanqing; Lei, Jingxin Report 2053
Surface infusion of gold nanoparticles into processed thermoplastics. Lentz, Daniel M.; Pyles, Robert A.; Hedden, Ronald C. Report 4936
Synthesis and characterization of phosphorus-containing polysulfone. Petreus, Oana; Avram, Ecaterina; Serbezeanu, Diana Report 3582

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