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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (October 1, 2009)

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A constitutive model for large multiaxial deformations of solid polypropylene at high temperature. Sweeney, John; Spares, Robert; Woodhead, Mike Technical report 4524
A parametric study on the processing parameters and properties of a porous poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) acid 85/15 bioscaffolds. Perron, Josee K.; Naguib, Hani E.; Daka, Joseph; Chawla, Attar Report 4969
A real-time process optimization system for injection molding. Li, Dequn; Zhou, Huamin; Zhao, Peng; Li, Yang Technical report 5457
Adhesion control for injection overmolding of polypropylene with elastomeric ethylene copolymers. Dondero, Marco; Pastor, Jose M.; Carella, Jose M.; Perez, Claudio J. Technical report 4411
Chitin and chitosan: transformations due to the electrospinning process. Schiffman, Jessica D.; Stulga, Laura A.; Schauer, Caroline L. Technical report 7206
Composites of carbon nanofibers and thermoplastic polyurethanes with shape-memory properties prepared by chaotic mixing. Jimenez, Guillermo A.; Jana, Sadhan C. Technical report 6459
Dispersion of cellulose crystallites by nonionic surfactants in a hydrophobic polymer matrix. Kim, Jooyoun; Montero, Gerardo; Habibi, Youssef; Hinestroza, Juan P.; Genzer, Jan; Argyropoulos, Dim Technical report 4954
Effect of carbon black on electrical property of graphite nanoplatelets/epoxy resin composites. Fan, Zhuangjun; Zheng, Chao; Wei, Tong; Zhang, Yicheng; Luo, Guilian Technical report 2071
Enhanced mechanical properties of polyamide 6 fibers coated with a polyurethane thin film. John, Baiju; Furukawa, Mutsuhisa Technical report 4718
Foaming behavior of high-melt strength polypropylene/clay nanocomposites. Bhattacharya, Subhendu; Gupta, Rahul K.; Jollands, Margaret; Bhattacharya, Sati N. Technical report 8410
Hot embossing of discrete microparts. Kuduva-Raman-Thanumoorthy, Ramasubramani; Yao, Donggang Technical report 4068
Influence of clay and predispersion method on the structure and properties of polystyrene (PS)-clay nanocomposites. Yang, Jintao; Fan, Hong; Bu, Zhiyang; Li, Bo-Geng Technical report 4755
Influence of processing window and weight ratio on the morphology of the extruded and drawn PET/PP blends. Li, Wenjing; Schlarb, Alois K.; Evstatiev, Michael Technical report 3815
Investigation on the multiwalled carbon nanotubes reinforced polyamide 6/polypropylene composites. Zhang, Lingyan; Wan, Chaoying; Zhang, Yong Technical report 5266
Low-loss planar optical waveguides fabricated from polycarbonate. Chen, Jian-guo; Zhang, Tong; Zhu, Jin-song; Zhang, Xiao-yang; Zhou, Jing-lun; Fan, Jiang-feng; Hu, G Technical report 2496
Melt processing and rheology of an acrylonitrile copolymer with absorbed Carbon Dioxide. Wilding, Matthew D.; Baird, Donald G. Technical report 9879
Modeling the development of elastic anisotropy as a result of plastic flow for glassy polycarbonate. Goel, A.; Strabala, K.; Negahban, M.; Turner, J.A. Technical report 5066
Numerical investigation and experimental validation of the performance of a tubular packed bed reactor for hydrogenation of diene-based polymers. Madhuranthakam, Chandra Mouli R.; Pan, Qinmin; Rempel, Garry L. Technical report 6234
Polyamide-6/high-density polyethylene blend using recycled high-density polyethylene as compatibilizer: morphology, mechanical properties, and thermal stability. Vallim, Marcio R.; Araujo, Joyce R.; Spinace, Marcia A. Silva; Paoli, Marco-A. De Technical report 5436
Preparation and properties of novel phosphorus-containing binaphthyl epoxy polymer. Ai, Hao; Xu, Kai; Liu, Huan; Chen, Mingcai Technical report 4086
Reinforcing and toughening on poly(ether imide) by a novel thermo tropic liquid crystalline poly(ester-imide-ketone) with low content. Xu, Bing; Zhang, Yi; Liu, Siwei; Chi, Zhenguo; Peng, Xiangfang; Lin, Yongqiang; Xu, Jiarui Technical report 4315
Selectivity of allylic coagent-mediated polypropylene maleation. Sengupta, Saurav S.; Parent, J. Scott; Chaudhary, Bharat I. Technical report 2923
Slip effects in tapered dies. Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G.; Mitsoulis, Evan Technical report 5206

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