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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (July 1, 2009)

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Aging of polyethylene pipes transporting drinking water disinfected by chlorine dioxide. I. chemical aspects. Colin, X.; Audouin, L.; Verdu, J.; Rozental-Evesque, M.; Rabaud, B.; Martin, F.; Bourgine, F. Technical report 5741
Anisotropic mechanical properties of hot-pressed PVDF membranes with higher fiber alignments via electrospinning. Na, Haining; Li, Qunying; Sun, Hua; Zhao, Ci; Yuan, Xiaoyan Technical report 3386
Colorless polyimide nanocomposite films with pristine clay: thermal behavior, mechanical property, morphology, and optical transparency. Park, Jong-Su; Chang, Jin-Hae Technical report 5073
Comparison of orbital and linear vibration welding of thermoplastics. Grewell, David A.; Benatar, Avraham Technical report 5863
Competition between chain scission and branching formation in the processing of high-density polyethylene: effect of processing parameters and of stabilizers. Scaffaro, R.; Mantia, F.P. La; Botta, L.; Morreale, M.; Dintcheva, N. Tz.; Mariani, P. Technical report 5272
Development of warpage and residual stresses in film insert molded parts. Jin, Hwa; Song, Young Seok; Lee, Seung Hwan; Youn, Jae Ryoun Technical report 4804
Dimensional stability of single-site ethylene copolymers in rotational molding. Bellehumeur, C.T.; Medina, A.; Xu, H. Technical report 5751
Dual-Type electrochromic device with single wall carbon nano tube employment in gel electrolyte. Kosemen, Arif; San, S. Eren; Yerli, Yusuf; Okutan, Mustafa; Uygun, Melek; Yilmaz, Faruk; Celik, Asum Technical report 2365
Effects of direct melt compounding and masterbatch dilution on the structure and properties of nanoclay-filled polyolefins. Etelaaho, Pirkko; Nevalainen, Katja; Suihkonen, Reija; Vuorinen, Jyrki; Hanhi, Kalle; Jarvela, Pentt Technical report 4843
Facile fabrication of novel Eu-containing copolymer and luminescent properties. Huang, Ziqun; Zhang, Huaihong; Guo, Jiaxiu; Wang, Jianli; Chen, Yaoqiang Technical report 3438
High molecular weight thermoplastic polyether ester elastomer by reactive extrusion. Cho, Sunghwan; Jang, Yunjoo; Kim, Dongmin; Lee, Taeyoung; Lee, Dongho; Lee, Youngkwan Technical report 3009
Mechanism of interactions of eggshell microparticles with epoxy resins. Ji, Genzhong; Zhu, Hongqi; Qi, Chenze; Zeng, Minfeng Technical report 3431
Melt-blowing thermoplastic polyurethane and polyether-block-amide elastomers: effect of processing conditions and crystallization on web properties. Begenir, Asli; Michielsen, Stephen; Pourdeyhimi, Behnam Technical report 6452
Melting behavior, isothermal and nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of nylon 1111. Jiang, Tao; Liu, Minying; Fu, Peng; Wang, Yudong; Fang, Yunli; Zhao, Qingxiang Technical report 4964
Nanocomposite polymer films containing carvacrol for antimicrobial active packaging. Persico, Paola; Ambrogi, Veronica; Carfagna, Cosimo; Cerruti, Pierfrancesco; Ferrocino, Mario; Mauri Technical report 6055
Nonisothermal thermophysical evaluation of polypropylene/natural rubber based TPEs: effect of blend ratio and dynamic vulcanization. Joseph, Aju; Luftl, Sigrid; Seidler, Sabine; Thomas, Sabu; Joseph, Kuruvilla Technical report 4989
Pretreatments of natural fibers and their application as reinforcing material in polymer composites--a review. Kalia, Susheel; Kaith, B.S.; Kaur, Inderjeet Technical report 14561
Study on the creep behavior of polypropylene. Liu, Xiaolin; Huang, Yajiang; Deng, Cong; Wang, Xiaojun; Tong, Wei; Liu, Yuxin; Huang, Jianqian; Yan Technical report 3242
Synthesis and characterization of styrene butadiene rubber--bentonite clay nanocomposites. Chakraborty, Sugata; Sengupta, Rajatendu; Dasgupta, Saikat; Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra; Bandyopadhyay, S Technical report 7271
Synthesis of a novel oligomeric intumescent flame retardant and its application in polypropylene. Song, Pingan; Fang, Zhengping; Tong, Lifang; Xu, Zhongbin Technical report 3415
The effects of frequency on fatigue threshold and crack propagation rate in modified and unmodified polyvinyl chloride. Samat, Noorasikin; Burford, Robert; Whittle, Alan; Hoffman, Mark Technical report 5417
The use of crack layer theory to predict the lifetime of the fatigue crack growth of high density polyethylene. Choi, Byoung-Ho; Balika, Werner; Chudnovsky, Alexander; Pinter, Gerald; Lang, Reinhold W. Technical report 4922
Toughening and brittle-tough transition in blends of an amorphous polyamide with a modified styrene/ethylene-butylene/styrene triblock copolymer. Gonzalez, I.; Eguiazabal, J.I.; Nazabal, J. Technical report 4829

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