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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (February 1, 2009)

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A modeling approach to the effect of resin characteristics on parison formation in extrusion blow molding. Yousefi, Azizeh-Mitra; Doelder, Jaap den; Rainville, Marc-Andre; Koppi, Kurt A. Technical report 7793
Characterization and control of plastic deformation in mesoscale premolded components to realize in-mold assembled mesoscale revolute joints. Ananthanarayanan, Arvind; Gupta, Satyandra K.; Bruck, Hugh A. Technical report 7022
Dynamic characteristics of plug-assist thermoforming process. Hosseini, H.; Berdyshev, B.V.; Mehrabani-Zeinabad, A. Technical report 2498
Effects of clay and POSS nanoparticles on the quiescent and shear-induced crystallization behavior of high molecular weight poly(ethylene terephthalate). Lee, S.J.; Hahm, W.G.; Kikutani, T.; Kim, B.C. Technical report 2616
Effects of the spin line temperature profile and melt index of poly(propylene) on melt-electrospinning. Kong, C.S.; Jo, K.J.; Jo, N.K.; Kim, H.S. Technical report 2797
Effects of vinyltrimethoxy silane on mechanical properties and morphology of polypropylene-woodflour composites. Bouza, Rebeca; Abad, Maria Jose; Barral, Luis; Ladra, Marcelino Technical report 6084
Graft polymerization of N-tert-butylacrylamide onto polypropylene during melt extrusion and biocidal properties of its products. Badrossamay, Mohammad Reza; Sun, Gang Technical report 5198
Influences of blend proportions and curing systems on dynamic, mechanical, and morphological properties of dynamically cured epoxidized natural rubber/high-density polyethylene blends. Nakason, Charoen; Jarnthong, Methakarn; Kaesaman, Azizon; Kiatkamjornwong, Suda Technical report 6380
Investigation of the relationships between die build up and die swell. Hogan, Todd A.; Walia, Parvinder; Dems, Bernard C. Technical report 7111
Investigation on morphology and mechanical properties of polyamide 6/maleated ethylene-propylene-diene rubber/organoclay composites. Zhang, Lingyan; Wan, Chaoying; Zhang, Yong Technical report 3940
Isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(phenylene sulfide)/TLCP composites. Kalkar, A.K.; Deshpande, V.D.; Kulkarni, M.J. Technical report 13844
Modeling of complex parison formation in extrusion blow molding: effect of medium to large die heads and fuel tank geometry. Yousefi, Azizeh-Mitra; Atsbha, Haile Technical report 7512
Optimal design of the coat-hanger die used for producing melt-blown fabrics by finite element method and evolution strategies. Meng, Kai; Wang, Xinhou; Huang, Xiubao Technical report 3464
Orientated crystallization in drawn thermoplastic polyimide modified by carbon nanofibers. Smirnova, Valentina E.; Gofman, Iosif V.; Yudin, Vladimir E.; Dobrovolskaya, Irina P.; Shumakov, Ale Report 3615
Pea starch-based composite films with pea hull fibers and pea hull fiber-derived nanowhiskers. Chen, Yun; Liu, Changhua; Chang, Peter R.; Anderson, Debbie P.; Huneault, Michel A. Technical report 5646
Poly(methacrylic acid)-modified chitosan for enhancement adsorption of water-soluble cationic dyes. Xing, Yun; Sun, Xiaomei; Li, Buhai Technical report 4749
Preparation and characterization of pore wall-functionalized three-dimensionally ordered macroporous syndiotactic polystyrene. Zhang, Xu; Yan, Weidong; Yang, Huifang; Liu, Binyuan; Liu, Pange Technical report 3354
Preparation and morphology of high-performance exfoliated poly(sodium acrylate)/hydrotalcite nanocomposite superabsorbents. Zhang, Yatao; Fan, Lihai; Cheng, Lihua; Zhang, Lin; Chen, Huanlin Technical report 4006
Rapid thermal cycling with low thermal inertia tools. Xu, Ronald X.; Sachs, Emanuel Technical report 7413
Structure and properties of poly(ethylene oxide)-organo clay nanocomposite prepared via melt mixing. Abraham, T.N.; Ratna, D.; Siengchin, S.; Karger-Kocsis, J. Technical report 7074
Ultrasonic diagnosis of the single screw behavior during extrusion--a case study. Sun, Zhigang; Utracki, Leszek A. Technical report 3556
Visual perception and measurements of texture and gloss of injection-molded plastics. Ignell, Sofie; Kleist, Ulf; Rigdahl, Mikael Technical report 7225

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