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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (August 1, 2009)

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A novel amide and imide copolymer as matrix resin for UV photoresist. Liu, Jianguo; Li, Ping; Liu, Heping; Zheng, Jiashen Report 3176
Aging of polyethylene pipes transporting drinking water disinfected by chlorine dioxide. Part II-Lifetime prediction. Colin, Xavier; Audouin, Ludmila; Verdu, Jacques; Rozental-Evesque, Magali; Rabaud, Benjamin; Martin, Report 6821
Blends of polypropylene and ethylene octene comonomer with conducting fillers: influence of state of dispersion of conducting fillers on electrical conductivity. Hom, Sheleena; Bhattacharyya, Arup R.; Khare, Rupesh A.; Kulkarni, Ajit R.; Saroop, Madhumita; Biswa Report 4476
Crystal distribution and molecule orientation of micro injection molded polypropylene microstructured parts. Lu, Zhen; Zhang, K.F. Report 2217
Effect of temperature on the electrical resistivity of [YBa.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.[7-x]]/polyethylene composite materials. Bhadrakumari, S.; Predeep, P. Report 2561
Electrically conductive thermoplastic/metal hybrid materials for direct manufacturing of electronic components. Michaeli, Walter; Pfefferkorn, Tobias G. Report 6055
Electrospinning of heated gelatin-sodium alginate-water solutions. Moon, SungCheal; Farris, Richard J. Report 2351
Engineering investigations on the potentiality of the thermoformability of HDPE charged by wood flours in the thermoforming part. Erchiqui, F.; Godard, F.; Gakwaya, A.; Koubaa, A.; Vincent, M.; Kaddami, H. Report 4709
Impact fracture toughness and morphology of diatomite-filled polypropylene composites. Liang, Jizhao Report 2665
In-situ polymerization of polyamide 66 nanocomposites utilizing interfacial polycondensation, Part 1: organoclay nanocomposites. Kalkan, Zehra S.; Goettler, Lloyd A. Report 6154
In-Situ synthesis of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/clay nanocomposites using Ti[O.sub.2]/Si[O.sub.2] sol-intercalated montmorillonite as polycondensation catalyst. Yin, Ming; Li, Chuncheng; Guan, Guohu; Yuan, Xuepei; Zhang, Dong; Xiao, Yaonan Report 7067
Influence of multiwall carbon nanotubes on the mechanical properties and unusual crysstallization behavior in melt-mixed co-continuous blends of polyamide6 and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Bose, Suryasarathi; Bhattacharyya, Arup R.; Haubler, Liane; Potschke, Petra Report 7153
Joining of polymers and polymer-metal hybrid structures: recent developments and trends. Amancio-Filho, S.T.; dos Santos, J.F. Report 10083
Microcellular extrusion-foaming of polylactide with chain-extender. Pilla, Srikanth; Kim, Seong G.; Auer, George K.; Gong, Shaoqin; Park, Chul B. Report 4443
Needleless electrospinning of nanofibers with a conical wire coil. Wang, Xin; Niu, Haitao; Lin, Tong; Wang, Xungai Report 2257
Oxygen and carbon dioxide transport through high barrier polyester blends. Hernandez-Rivera, M.A.; Mora, Garcia de la; Likhatchev, D.; Cruz-Guerra, de la; Diaz, L.L.; Lopez-Ca Report 4416
Polymeric Michler's ketone photoinitiator containing coinitiator amine. Wen, Yanna; Jiang, Xuesong; Yin, Jie Report 4249
Quantification of the distribution of carbon black in natural rubber/polybutadiene blends by differential scanning calorimetry. Portal, Julien; Carrot, Christian; Majeste, Jean-Charles; Cocard, Stephane; Pelissier, Vincent; Anse Report 5883
Single-walled carbon nanotube/poly(methyl methacrylate) composites for electromagnetic interference shielding. Das, Narayan Ch.; Liu, Yayong; Yang, Kaikun; Peng, Weiqun; Maiti, Spandan; Wang, Howard Report 4810
Steady-state viscoelastic flow simulation of polymer melts in a rotational-type rheometer. Tanoue, Shuichi; Zielinski, Michal K.; Lemoto, Yoshiyuki Report 4735
The effect of copper(II) on the thermal and mechanical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)/silica hybrid. Li, Juan; Suo, Jinping; Wang, Shifang Report 4130
The effect of poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrolysis on the properties of its blends with nylon 6. Cui, Li; Fu, Qiang; Chang, Chang-jung; Yeh, Jen-taut Report 5482
The influence of chain-ends on the thermal and rheological properties of some 40/60 PES/PEES copolymers. Abate, Lorenzo; Blanco, Ignazio; Cicala, Gianluca; Recca, Giuseppe; Scamporrino, Andrea Report 4998
Thermal properties of an epoxy cresol-formaldehyde novolac/diaminodiphenyl sulfone system modified by bismaleimide containing tetramethylbiphenyl and aromatic ether structures. Zhou, Bo Xuan; Huang, Yi Jun; Zhang, Xing Hong; Fu, Zhi Sheng; Qi, Guo Rong Report 4011
Unified production of chlorinated isotactic polypropylene and chlorinated paraffin via a solvent free chlorination process. Tan, Kui-Long; Li, Chun-Xi; Lu, Ying-Zhou; Wang, Zi-Hao Report 4657

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