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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (May 1, 2008)

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An in-process ultrasonic approach to investigating the relaxation of orientation and disorientation of polymer melts. Li, Jiang; Sun, Zhigang; Tatibouet, Jacques; Jen, Cheng-Kuei Technical report 4896
Effect of hot-press on electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes. Na, Haining; Zhao, Yuping; Zhao, Chenguang; Zhao, Ci; Yuan, Xiaoyan Technical report 3734
Effect of mold temperature on the long-term viscoelastic behavior of polybutylene terepthalate. Banik, K.; Mennig, G. Technical report 5765
Effect of orientation and crystallinity on the photodegradation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers. Fashandi, H.; Zadhoush, A.; Haghighat, M. Technical report 4346
Effect of PMMA addition on characterization and morphology of PVDF. Elashmawi, I.S.; Hakeem, N.A. Technical report 3274
Effect of weakly interacting nanofiller on the morphology and viscoelastic response of polyolefins. Kalfus, Jan; Jancar, Josef; Kucera, Jaroslav Technical report 2898
Electrical conductivity and microwave absorbing properties of nickel-coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes/poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone)s composites. Feng, Xuebin; Liao, Gongxiong; Du, Jinhong; Dong, Liming; Jin, Kejia; Jian, Xigao Technical report 4086
Flexural creep of all-polypropylene composites: model analysis. Banik, K.; Karger-Kocsis, J.; Abraham, T. Technical report 5256
Fracture prediction in tough polyethylene pipes using measured craze strength. Davis, P.; Burn, S.; Gould, S. Technical report 6728
Gas-assisted injection molded polypropylene: the skin-core structure. Zheng, Guo-Qiang; Yang, Wei; Yang, Ming-Bo; Chen, Jing-Bo; Li, Qian; Shen, Chang-Yu Technical report 4936
Multiobjective optimization of polymerization reaction of vinyl acetate by genetic algorithm technique with a new replacement criterion. Sadi, Maryam; Dabir, Bahram; Shahrabadi, Abbas Technical report 4253
Novel phenylethynyl-endcapped polyimide oligomers: synthesis and characterization. Chen, Jiansheng; Qu, Ximing; Liu, Jingang; Yang, Haixia; Fan, Lin; Yang, Shiyong Technical report 4155
Organic/inorganic hybrid bismaleimide resin with octa(aminophenyl)silsesquioxane. Huang, Fuwei; Rong, Zhuxia; Shen, Xuening; Huang, Farong; Du, Lei; Li, Zhongping Technical report 3273
Poly(phenylene sulfide) magnetic composites. II. crystallization, thermal, and viscoelastic properties. Wu, Defeng; Wu, Lanfeng; Gao, Fei; Zhang, Ming; Yan, Changhao Report 5675
Preparation and characterization of functionalized low density polyethylene matrix biocomposites. Katsoulotos, G.; Pappa, G.; Tarantili, P.A.; Magoulas, K. Technical report 6446
Rheology and curing kinetics of fumed silica/cyanate ester nanocomposites. Goertzen, William K.; Xia, Sheng; Akinc, Mufit; Kessler, M.R. Technical report 5001
Semi-empirical, squeeze flow and intermolecular diffusion model. I. determination of model parameters. Grewell, David; Benatar, Avraham Technical report 4442
Semiconductive composites from ethylene 1-octene copolymer and polyaniline coated Nylon 6: studies on mechanical, thermal, processability, electrical, and EMI shielding properties. Bhadra, Sambhu; Singha, Nikhil K.; Khastgir, Dipak Technical report 7057
Slow crack growth resistance in resin blends of chromium and metallocene catalyzed ethylene-hexene copolymers for pipe applications. Garcia, Rafael A.; Carrero, A.; Aroca, M.; Prieto, O.; Dominguez, C. Technical report 5769
Steady plastic flow of a polymer during equal channel angular extrusion process: experiments and numerical modeling. Zairi, F.; Aour, B.; Gloaguen, J.M.; Nait-Abdelaziz, M.; Lefebvre, J.M. Technical report 4067
Structure and properties of novel PMDA/ODA/PABZ polyimide fibers. Gao, Guanqun; Dong, Liang; Liu, Xiangyang; Ye, Guangdou; Gu, Yi Technical report 3669
Synthesis and photopolymerization kinetics of polymeric one-component type II photoinitiator containing benzophenone moiety and tertiary amine. Xiao, Pu; Wang, Ying; Dai, Mingzhi; Shi, Suqing; Wu, Gangqiang; Nie, Jun Technical report 2406
The effect of EVA content on the processing parameters and the mechanical properties of LDPE/ground tire rubber blends. Meszaros, L.; Tabi, T.; Kovacs, J.G.; Barany, T. Technical report 3286
The electrical properties of boron-containing poly(vinyl alcohol) derived ceramic organic semiconductor. Yakuphanoglu, Fahrettin; Schiavon, Marco Antonio Technical report 3299

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