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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (March 1, 2008)

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Anomalous mechanical behavior upon recycling of poly(phenylene-ether)-based thermoplastic elastomer. Gupta, Samik; Pallavi, M.B.; Som, Abhijit; Krishnamurthy, Raja; Bhowmick, Anil K. Technical report 4413
Characterization and crystallization behavior of poly(ethylene-co-trimethylene terephthalate) copolymers. Zou, Hantao; Li, Guang; Jiang, Jianming; Yang, Shenglin Author abstract 5218
Effects of interactions among polyaniline, camphorsulfonic acid and silica on the structure and properties of their conductive hybrids. Lee, Hsun-Tsing; Wang, Chee-Chan Author abstract 5976
Ethylene polymerization over (nBuCp)[.sub.2]Zr[Cl.sub.2]/MAO catalytic system supported on aluminosilicate SBA-15 mesostructured materials. Carrero, A.; Van Grieken, R.; Suarez, I.; Paredes, B. Technical report 4466
Experimental investigation of key parameters on the effects of cavity surface roughness in microinjection molding. Zhang, H.L.; Ong, N.S.; Lam, Y.C. Author abstract 2788
High-density polyethylene reinforced with submicron titania particles. Bondioli, Federica; Dorigato, Andrea; Fabbri, Paola; Messori, Massimo; Pegoretti, Alessandro Report 6269
Influence of phase modifiers on morphology and properties of thermoplastic elastomers prepared from ethylene propylene diene rubber and isotactic polypropylene. Chakraborty, Pinka; Ganguly, Anirban; Mitra, Suman; Bhowmick, Anil K. Report 8111
Investigations on the morphology and melt crystallization of poly(L-lactide)-poly(ethylene glycol) diblock copolymers. Wu, Tong; He, Yong; Fan, Zhongyong; Wei, Jia; Li, Suming Technical report 6176
Machining of plastics: a new approach for modeling. Quadrini, F. Report 2977
Microdomain composition and properties differences of biodegradable polyurethanes based on MDI and HDI. d'Arlas, Borja Fernandez; Rueda, Lorena,; de la Caba, Koro; Mondragon, Inaki; Eceiza, Arantxa Author abstract 6499
Microstructure changes in poly(ethylene terephthalate) in thick specimens under complex biaxial loading. Marco, Yann; Chevalier, Luc Author abstract 5445
Miscibility, crystallization behavior and specific intermolecular interactions in thermosetting polymer blends of novolac epoxy resin and polyethylene glycol. Qin, Chen; Shen, Jianfeng; Hu, Yizhe; Huang, Weishi; Ye, Mingxin Technical report 3985
Model-based melt flow virtual sensors for filling process of injection molding. Lin, Yu-Wei; Cheng, J.-W. John Author abstract 9789
Modeling particle inflation from poly(amic acid) powdered precursors. III. Experimental determination of kinetic parameters. Cano, Camilo I.; Clark, Meaghan L.; Kyu, Thein; Pipes, R. Byron Author abstract 6852
Nonuniformity of phase structure in immiscible polymer blends. Fortelny, Ivan; Lapcikova, Monika; Lednicky, Frantisek; Stary, Zdenek; Krulis, Zdenek Author abstract 4196
PAN based quasi carbon whiskers reinforced PI polyblends: microhardness, mechanical, hydraulic, and morphological study. Kurmvanshi, S.K.; Gupta, A.K.; Patel, P.R.; Bajpai, R.; Keller, J.M. Report 3207
Phase separation in the polyurethane/poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) semi-interpenetrating polymer networks synthesized by different ways. Karabanova, Lyudmyla V.; Boiteux, Gisele; Seytre, Gerard; Stevenson, Isabelle; Lloyd, Andrew W.; Mik Author abstract 5994
Polylactide-pine wood flour composites. Pilla, Srikanth; Gong, Shaoqin; O'Neill, Eric; Rowell, Roger M.; Krzysik, Andrzej M. Report 5404
Properties of recycled material containing poly(vinyl chloride), polypropylene, and calcium carbonate nanofiller. Andricic, Branka; Kovacic, Tonka; Klaric, Ivka Author abstract 2824
Real-time measurement of flow front kinematics using quantitative visualization in injection molding process. Fathi, S.; Behravesh, A.H. Report 3204
The structure-property relationship of novolac cured epoxy resin/clay nanocomposites. Tsai, Tsung-Yen; Lu, Shau-Tai; Huang, Chin-Jei; Liu, Jia-Xiang; Li, Chih-Hung; Chen, Li-Chun; Ray, U Report 5518
Thermodynamic hydrogen bonding in poly(styrene-co-acrylic acid)/poly(styrene-co-4-N,N-dimethylacrylamide) blends. ElMiloudi, K.; Hamou, A.S. Hadj; Djadoun, S. Author abstract 5314

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