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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (July 1, 2008)

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A new linear viscoelastic model for emulsions and suspensions. Pal, Rajinder Technical report 2093
A new method for producing high melt strength polypropylene with reactive extrusion. Tang, Hongxia; Dai, Wenli; Chen, Baiquan Technical report 2902
A novel biobased resin-epoxidized soybean oil modified cyanate ester. Zhan, Guozhu; Zhao, Lin; Hu, Sheng; Gan, Wenjun; Yu, Yingfeng; Tang, Xiaolin Technical report 3919
A novel fabrication route for Auxetic polyethylene, part 2: mechanical properties. Webber, R.S; Alderson, K.L; Evans, K.E. Technical report 6013
Biaxial yielding of polypropylene elastomeric polyolefin blends: effect of elastomer content and thermal annealing. Fasce, Laura A.; Pettarin, Valeria; Marano, Claudia; Rink, Marta; Frontini, Patricia M. Technical report 5522
Cell coalescence suppressed by crosslinking structure in polypropylene microcellular foaming. Wentao, Zhai; Hongying, Wang; Jian, Yu; Jinyong, Dong; Jiasong, He Technical report 5003
Cocontinuous Cellulose acetate/polyurethane composite nanofiber fabricated through electrospinning. Tang, Chunyi; Chen, Pingping; Liu, Haiqing Technical report 4630
Design of experiments applied to the study of the reaction between phenylphosphonic dichloride with bisphenol by inverse phase transfer catalysis method. lliescu, Smaranda; Grozav, Ion; Plesu, Nicoleta; Pascariu, Aurelia; Ilia, Gheorghe Technical report 3713
Diffusion-controlled atom transfer radical polymerization with crosslinking. Yu, Qiang; Qin, Zhongqiong; Li, Jinchun; Zhu, Shiping Technical report 3610
Effect of filler size distribution on the mechanical and physical properties of alumina-filled silicone rubber. Zhou, Wenying; Yu, Demei; Wang, Caifeng; An, Qunli; Qi, Shuhua Technical report 5037
Effect of swelling agent on the molecular weight of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) synthesized in an aqueous medium. Liu, Qun; Shentu, Baoqing; Weng, Zhixue Technical report 2518
Erratum. Correction notice 86
Hard coatings on polycarbonate plate by sol-gel reactions of melamine derivative, PHEMA, and silicates. Shin, Young Jae; Oh, Mee Hye; Yoon, Yeo Seong; Shin, ae Sup Technical report 3735
Influence of compatibilizer precursor structure on the phase distribution of low density poly(ethylene) in a poly(ethylene terephthalate) matrix. Coltelli, Maria-Beatrice; Harrats, Charef; Aglietto, Mauro; Groeninckx, Gabriel Technical report 4548
Influence of polydispersity of crystallizable segments on the properties of segmented block copolymers. Biemond, G.J.E.; Feijen, J.; Gaymans, R.J. Technical report 8170
Linear and nonlinear melt-state viscoelastic properties of polypropylene/organoclay nanocomposites. Nazockdast, Ehssan; Nazockdast, Hossein; Goharpey, Fatemeh Technical report 5981
Macroindentation of polymers. Guglielmotti, Alessandro; Quadrini, Fabrizio; Squeo, Erica Anna Technical report 5966
Material characterization of components and assembled behavior of a composite liner for rehabilitation of cast iron pressure pipes. Brown, Michael; Fam, Amir; Moore, Ian D. 4595
Nanocomposites from plasticized high-amylopectin, normal and high-amylose maize starches. Mondragon, Margarita; Mancilla, Juana E.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Francisco J. Technical report 3307
Nonisothermal crystallization of high density polyethylene and nanoscale calcium carbonate composites. Huang, Jiann-Wen; Wen, Ya-Lan; Kang, Chiun-Chia; Tseng, Wei-Jen; Yeh, Mou-Yung Technical report 6899
Prediction of fiber orientation in a rotating compressing and expanding mold. J. Wang; C.A. Silva; J.C. Viana; Hattum, F.W.j, van; A.M. Cunha; C.L. Tucker, III Technical report 5260
Preparation and characterization of melt-processed polycarbonate/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites. Wu, Tzong-Ming; Chen, Erh-Chiang; Lin, Yen-Wen; Chiang, Ming-Feng; Chang, Gwo-Yang Technical report 3430
Reactive compatibilization of biodegradable poly(lactic acid)/poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) blends with reactive processing agents. Harada, Masaki; lida, Kouji; Okamoto, Kazuaki; Hayashi, Hideki; Hirano, Koji Technical report 5790
Role of core-shell rubber particle cavitation resistance on toughenability of epoxy resins. Mafi, Ehsan R.; Ebrahimi, Morteza Technical report 3383
Synthesis and properties of polybenzoxazine modified polyurethanes as a new type of electrical insulators with improved thermal stability. Yeganeh, Hamid; Razavi-Nouri, Mohammad; Ghaffari, Mehdi Report 5294
Temperature dependence of electrical resistivity in carbon nanofiber/unsaturated polyester nanocomposites. Natsuki, Toshiaki; Ni, Qing-Qing; Wu, Shi-Hong Technical report 3076
Time, temperature, and strain effects on viscoelastic poisson's ratio of epoxy resins. Pandini, Stefano; Pegoretti, Alessandro Technical report 4407

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