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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 2008)

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A comparative study of dispersing a polyamide 6 into a polypropylene melt in a Buss Kneader, continuous mixer, and modular intermeshing corotating and counter-rotating twin screw extruders. Shon, Keungjin; Bumm, Sun Hun; White, James L. Technical report 4082
Advanced injection molding mold and molding process for improvement of weld line strengths and isotropy of glass fiber filled aromatic polyester LCP. Koponen, Matti; Enqvist, Jouni; Nguyen-Chung, Tham; Mennig, Gunter Technical report 3466
Calculation and significance of the maximum polymer surface temperature T* in reciprocating cylinder-on-plate sliding. Samyn, Pieter; Schoukens, Gustaaf Author abstract 8283
Characterization of new formulations for the rotational molding based on ethylene-propylene copolymer/graphite nanocomposites. Planes, Emilie; Duchet, Jannick; Maazouz, Abdherrahim; Gerard, Jean-Francois Technical report 4023
Compression hysteresis of fibrous systems. Stankovic, Snezana B. Technical report 4628
Condensed-phase flame retardation in nylon 6-layered silicate nanocomposites: films, fibers, and fabrics. Shanmuganathan, Kadhiravan; Deodhar, Sarang; Dembsey, Nicholas A.; Fan, Qinguo; Patra, Prabir K. Author abstract 8948
Determination of different morphological structures in PC/ABS open spiral injection moldings. O-Charoen, N.; Leong, Y.W.; Hamada, H. Technical report 3460
Effect of annealing and orientation on microstructures and mechanical properties of polylactic acid. Yu, Long; Liu, Hongshen; Xie, Fengwei; Chen, Ling; Li, Xiaoxi Technical report 5242
Effect of molecular weight and molding conditions on the replication of injection moldings with micro-scale v-groove features. Murakami, Osamu; Kotaki, Masaya; Hamada, Hiroyuki Author abstract 3509
Effects of thermal aging on isotactic polypropylene crystallinity. Law, Aaron; Simon, Leonardo; Lee-Sullivan, Pearl Technical report 4004
Effects of welding procedures on mechanical and morphological properties of hot gas butt welded PE, PP, and PVC sheets. Balkan, Onur; Demirer, Halil; Ezdesir, Ayhan; Yildirim, Huseyin Technical report 8964
Fibril formation of 1,3:2,4-Di(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene) sorbitol in polymer melts. Lipp, Jonathan; Shuster, Michael; Terry, Ann E.; Cohen, Yachin Technical report 3343
Foam formation from fluorinated polyphosphazenes by liquid C[O.sub.2] processing. Steely, Lee B.; Li, Qixiu; Badding, John V.; Allcock, Harry R. Technical report 1881
Improved through-plane electrical conductivity in a carbon-filled thermoplastic via foaming. Motlagh, G.H.; Hrymak, A.N.; Thompson, M.R. Technical report 6687
In-line measurements of the morphological parameters of PP/PA6 blends during extrusion in the transient mode. Pinheiro, Luis A.; Hu, Guo-H.; Pessan, Luiz A.; Canevarolo, Sebastiao V. Technical report 5127
Local thermo-oxidative degradation in injection molding. Schmiederer, Dirk; Gardocki, Aleksander; Kuhnert, Ines; Schmachtenberg, Ernst Technical report 3454
Oxygen permeability of biaxially oriented polypropylene films. Lin, Y.J.; Dias, P.; Chen, H.Y.; Chum, S.; Hiltner, A.; Baer, E. Author abstract 4158
Rheological characterization of room temperature vulcanized silicone sealant: effect of filler particle size. Xu, Xiaoming; Gao, Chuanhua; Zheng, Qiang Technical report 2910
Simulation of the residual stresses in the contour laser welding of thermoplastics. Potente, H.; Wilke, L.; Ridder, H.; Mahnken, R.; Shaban, A. Author abstract 4200
Solid-state blending of poly(ethylene terephthalate) with polystyrene: extent of compatibilization and its dependence on blend composition. Schexnaydre, Ryan J.; Mitchell, Brian S. Technical report 5097
Synthesis and characterization of hollow polyaniline microtubes and microbelts with nanostructured walls in sodium dodecyl sulfate micellar solutions. Wu, Tzong-Ming; Lin, Yen-Wen Technical report 2913
Synthetic 6FDA-ODA copolyimide membranes for gas separation and pervaporation: correlation of separation properties with diamine monomers. Xiao, Shude; Feng, Xianshe; Huang, Robert Y.M. Technical report 8193
The mastication characteristics of powdered carbon black filled natural rubber during internal mixing. Zhang, Anqiang; Lin, Yaling; Wang, Lianshi Technical report 3728
Thermal degradation and physical aging of poly(lactic acid) and its blends with starch. Acioli-Moura, Ricardo; Sun, Xiuzhi Susan Technical report 5649
Yield stress and rheological characterization of the low shear zone of an epoxy molding compound for encapsulation of semiconductor devices. Yoshii, Masaki Technical report 4037

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