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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (July 1, 2007)

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A novel method to prepare zinc hydroxystannate-coated inorganic fillers and its effect on the fire properties of PVC cable materials. Yang, Ling; Hu, Yuan; You, Fei; Chen, Zuyao 3550
An experimental study on improving the atomic oxygen resistance of epoxy resin/silica nanocomposites. Wang, Xin; Zhao, Xiaohu; Wang, Mingzhu; Shen, Zhigang 3638
Analysis of row nucleated lamellar morphology of polypropylene obtained from the cast film process: effect of melt rheology and process conditions. Sadeghi, Farhad; Ajji, Abdellah; Carreau, Pierre J. 5082
Cell structure and dynamic properties of injection molded polypropylene foams. Guo, Ming-Cheng; Heuzey, Marie-Claude; Carreau, Pierre J. 6668
Digital image processing method for measuring the residence time distribution in a plasticating extruder. Bi, Chao; Jiang, Bo; Li, Ao 3037
Dynamic mechanical, rheological, and morphological studies of polyacrylate-graft-poly (vinyl chloride) suspension resin. Yuan, Jinfeng; Pan, Mingwang; Wang, Xiaomei; Zhang, Liucheng 4534
Effect of processing conditions on morphology and mechanical properties of injection-molded poly(L-lactic acid). Ghosh, S.; Viana, J.C.; Reis, R.L.; Mano, J.F. 4303
Effects of polymerization medium on electrical conductivity and optical properties of organic semiconductor-based polypyrrole. Yakuphanoglu, Fahrettin; Aydin, Mehmet Enver 2593
Effects of styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene based additives on the mechanical properties of rice hull/polypropylene composites. Kuboki, T.; Lee, Y.H.; Park, C.B.; Sain, M. Author abstract 3692
Failure characterization of polypropylene block copolymer welded joints. Fasce, Laura; Cisilino, Adrian; Frontini, Patricia; Marczis, Balazs; Czigany, Tibor 3387
High performance structured polymer barrier films obtained from compatibilized polypropylene/ethylene vinyl alcohol blends. Ait-Kadi, A.; Bousmina, M.; Yousefi, A.A.; Mighri, F. 4601
Highly transparent polypropylene cast films: relationships between optical properties, additives, and surface structure. Resch, Katharina; Wallner, Gernot M.; Teichert, Christian; Gahleitner, Markus 6656
Measurement and prediction of thermal conductivity for hemp fiber reinforced composites. Behzad, T.; Sain, M. 4270
Mechanical and oxygen barrier properties of organoclay-polyethylene nanocomposite films. Zhong, Yang; Janes, Dustin; Zheng, Yong; Hetzer, Max; De Kee, Daniel 4185
Mechanism of a one-step method for preparing silane grafting and cross-linking polypropylene. Yang, Shujing; Song, Guojun; Zhao, Yunguo; Yang, Chao; She, Xilin 2427
Nonisothermal crystallization behavior and nucleation of LDPE/Al nano- and microcomposites. Huang, Xingyi; Ke, Qingquan; Kim, Chonung; Zhong, Hanfang; Wei, Ping; Wang, Genlin; Liu, Fei; Jiang, 6084
Photopolymerization and initiating mechanism of Michael addition oligomers without photoinitiator. Zhang, Xiahong; Yang, Jianwen; Zeng, Zhaohua; Wu, Yuanwei; Huang, Liang; Chen, Yonglie; Wang, Haihua 3719
Processing and physical properties of native grass-reinforced biocomposites. Liu, Wanjun; Thayer, Kelby; Misra, Manjusri; Drzal, Lawrence T.; Mohanty, Amar K. 3436
Quantification of the melting process in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder: a hybrid modeling approach. Garge, S.C.; Wetzel, M.D.; Ogunnaike, B.A. 6864
Reclaiming of ground rubber tire by a novel reclaiming agent. I. virgin natural rubber/reclaimed GRT vulcanizates. De, Debapriya; De, Debasish; Singharoy, G.M. 6480
Relaxation behavior of conductive carbon black reinforced EPDM microcellular vulcanizates. Mahapatra, S.P.; Sridhar, V.; Chaudhary, R.N.P.; Tripathy, D.K. 6917
Rheological, thermal, and morphological properties of blends based on poly(propylene), ethylene propylene rubber, and ethylene-1-octene copolymer that could result from end of life vehicles: effect of maleic anhydride grafted poly(propylene). Jaziri, Mohamed; Mnif, Nizar; Massardier-Nageotte, Valerie; Perier-Camby, Herve 3113
Study of melt compounding conditions and characterization of polyamide 6/metallocene ethylene-polypropylene-diene copolymer/maleated ethylene-polypropylene-diene copolymer blends reinforced with layered silicates. Garcia-Lopez, D.; Lopez-Quintana, S.; Gobernado-Mitre, I.; Merino, J.C.; Pastor, J.M. 3692
The rheological and physical properties of linear and branched polypropylene blends. McCallum, Tara J.; Kontopoulou, Marianna; Park, Chul B.; Muliawan, Edward B.; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas 4358
Towards textile-based fiber-reinforced thermoplastic nanocomposites: melt spun polypropylene-montmorillonite nanocomposite fibers. Houphouet-Boigny, C.; Plummer, C.J.G.; Wakeman, M.D.; Manson, J.-A.E. 6679

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