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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (August 1, 2007)

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A method for assessing the choice of polymeric materials for specific applications. Pitol-Filho, Luizildo; Garcia-Valls, Ricard 5546
Adhesion of thermoplastic elastomer on surface treated aluminum by injection molding. Fabrin, P.A.; Hoikkanen, M.E.; Vuorinen, J.E. Technical report 2821
Capability of cationic water-soluble polymers in conjunction with ultrafiltration membranes to remove arsenate ions. Rivas, Bernabe L.; del Carmen Aguirre, Maria; Pereira, Eduardo; Moutet, Jean-Claude; Aman, Eric S. Technical report 3300
Electrorheological activity of suspensions of surface-modified pyrolyzed polyacrylonitrile. Krzton-Maziopa, Anna; Sobczak, Janusz; Plocharski, Janusz Technical report 3409
Exfoliation behavior of montmorillonite modified by poly(oxyalkylene)s in polypropylene and the properties of the resulting nanocomposites. Pospiech, Doris; Kretzschmar, Bernd; Willeke, Meike; Leuteritz, Andreas; Jehnichen, Dieter; Janke, A Technical report 6449
Micromechanical deformation processes in PA/layered silicate nanocomposites: correlation of structure and properties. Renner, Karoly; Henning, Sven; Moczo, Janos; Yang, Min Soo; Choi, Hyoung Jin; Pukanszky, Bela Technical report 5811
Microstructural characterization of polymeric materials by small angle neutron scattering. Rogante, Massimo; Lebedev, Vassili T. Technical report 4371
Omastova special issue. Omastova, Maria 713
Optical properties of polyimines: UV-vis and photoluminescence study of undoped and doped polymers in aprotic and protic solvents. Iwan, Agnieszka; Mazurak, Zbigniew; Sek, Danuta Technical report 4606
Polymer composites with cellulose microfibrils. Panaitescu, Denis Mihaela; Donescu, Dan; Bercu, Cristiana; Vuluga, Dumitru Mircea; Iorga, Michaela; Technical report 3436
Preparation, surface chemistry, and electrical conductivity of novel silicon carbide/polypyrrole composites containing an anionic surfactant. Micusik, Matej; Omastova, Maria; Boukerma, Kada; Albouy, Aurelie; Chehimi, Mohamed M.; Trchova, Miro Technical report 5286
Study of surface and adhesive properties of polypropylene grafted by maleic anhydride. Novak, Igor; Borsig, Eberhard; Hrckova, L'udmila; Fiedlerova, Agnesa; Kleinova, Angela; Pollak, Vlad Technical report 3752
Synthesis and polymerization reactions of cyclic imino ethers. II. preparation of novel hyperbranched polymers from [AB.sub.2] monomers of 2-oxazoline type with nonequivalent B units. Luston, J.; Kronek, J. 4782
Wood flour filled polypropylene composites: interfacial adhesion and micromechanical deformations. Danyadi, Livia; Renner, Karoly; Moczo, Janos; Pukanszky, Bela Technical report 5509

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