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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (August 1, 2006)

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An infrared method to assess organoclay delamination and orientation in organoclay polymer nanocomposites. IJdo, Wouter L.; Kemnetz, Steven; Benderly, Daphne 4510
Characterization and mechanical properties of poly(lactic acid)/poly([epsilon]-caprolactone)/organoclay nanocomposites prepared by melt compounding. Hasook, Aniwat; Tanoue, Shuichi; Iemoto, Yoshiyuki; Unryu, Tsunemune 4155
Characterization and tensile properties of ternary blends with PA-6 nanocomposites. Contreras, V.; Cafiero, M.; Da Silva, S.; Rosales, C.; Perera, R.; Matos, M. 6413
Conductive polypropylene/clay/polypyrrole nanocomposites. Omastova, Maria; Mravcakova, Miroslava; Chodak, Ivan; Pionteck, Jurgen; Haussler, Liane 6331
Development of nanoparticle-polysiloxane composites for spacecraft applications. Hidden, G.; Boudou, L.; Martinez-Vega, J.; Remaury, S.; Nabarra, P. 3207
Effect of crystallization on intercalation of clay-polyolefin nanocomposites and their performance. Ton-That, M.-T.; Leelapornpisit, W.; Utracki, L.A.; Perrin-Sarazin, F.; Denault, J.; Cole, K.C.; Bur 4414
Effect of rotational speed of twin screw extruder on the microstructure and rheological and mechanical properties of nanoclay-reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites. Peltola, Piia; Valipakka, Elina; Vuorinen, Jyrki; Syrjala, Seppo; Hanhi, Kalle 3127
Epoxy nanocomposites curing by microwaves. Uyanik, Nurseli; Erdem, A. Riza; Can, M. Fatih; Celik, Mehmet Sabri 3173
Extensional flow mixer for polymer nanocomposites. Tokihisa, M.; Yakemoto, K.; Sakai, T.; Utracki, L.A.; Sepehr, M.; Li, J.; Simard, Y. 6578
Influence of melt-blending conditions on structural, rheological, and interfacial properties of polyamide-12 layered silicate nanocomposites. Mederic, Pascal; Razafinimaro, Tolotrahasina; Aubry, Thierry 4999
Melt processing effects on the structure and mechanical properties of PA-6/clay nanocomposites. Borse, Nitin K.; Kamal, Musa R. 6019
Morphology and properties of organoclay modified polycarbonate/poly(methyl methacrylate) blend. Ray, S. Sinha; Bousmina, M.; Maazouz, A. 4434
Nanomechanics of single-walled carbon nanotubes as composite reinforcement. Xiao, Jia-Run; Gillespie, John W., Jr. 5230
Polymer layered silicate/carbon nanotube nanocomposites: the catalyzed polymerization approach. Peeterbroeck, S.; Lepoittevin, B.; Pollet, E.; Benali, S.; Broekaert, C.; Alexandre, M.; Bonduel, D. 5420
Polypropylene--clay nanocomposites: influence of low molecular weight polar additives on intercalation and exfoliation behavior. Ratnayake, U.N.; Haworth, B. 4570
PP-based nanocomposites with various intercalant types and intercalant coverages. Li, Jianming; Ton-That, Minh-Tan; Tsai, Shih-Jung 5038
Preface. Utracki, L.A.; Cole, K.C. Editorial 558
Synthesis of polymer-embedded noble metal clusters by thermolysis of mercaptides dissolved in polymers. Carotenuto, G.; Nicolais, L.; Perlo, P. 3369

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