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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 2006)

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A study of the effects of postcure treatments on polyester-melamine coating matrices. Gamage, N.J.W.; Hill, D.J.T.; Pomery, P.J.; Lukey, C.A. 5146
Assessing local residence time distributions in screw extruders through a new in-line measurement instrument. Zhang, Xian-Ming; Xu, Zhong-Bin; Feng, Lian-Fang; Song, Xiao-Bo; Hu, Guo-Hua 4642
Comparative analysis of radical-mediated polyethylene modifications: vinyltriethoxysilane versus mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane addition. Sengupta, Saurav S.; Parent, J. Scott 3310
Design and performance analysis of a self-regulating melt pressure valve. Kazmer, David; Gupta, Dheeraj; Munavalli, Mahesh; Kudchadkar, Vijay; Nageri, Ranjan 6098
Finite strain 3D thermoviscoelastic constitutive model for shape memory polymers. Diani, Julie; Liu, Yiping; Gall, Ken 4609
Fullerene-functionalized polycarbonate: synthesis under microwave irradiation and nonlinear optical property. Wu, Huixia; Li, Feng; Lin, Yanghui; Cai, Ruifang; Tong, Rui; Qian, Shixiong 4602
Injection molding product weight: online prediction and control based on a nonlinear principal component regression model. Yang, Yi; Gao, Furong 4914
Intercalation and exfoliation of clay nanoplatelets in epoxy-based nanocomposites: TEM and XRD observations. Miyagawa, Hiroaki; Drzal, Lawrence T.; Carsello, Jerrold A. 4986
Manufacturing and foaming of high melt viscosity of polypropylene by using electron beam radiation technology. Han, Do-Hung; Jang, Jae-Hyuk; Kim, Hye-Young; Kim, Byung-Nam; Shin, Boo-Young 4339
Morphology of compatibilized ternary blends of polypropylene, nylon 66, and polystyrene. DeBolt, Michael A.; Robertson, Richard E. 5815
Nonisothermal comprehensive 3D analysis of polymer melt flow in a coat-hanger die. Wu, Tingqi; Jiang, Bo; Xu, Shuhua; Bi, Chao 4844
Optical properties of highly transparent polypropylene cast films: influence of material structure, additives, and processing conditions. Resch, Katharina; Wallner, Gernot M.; Teichert, Christian; Maier, Gunther; Gahleitner, Markus 5869
Preparation and characterization of new optically active poly(amide-imide)s derived from N,N-(4,4'-Oxydiphthaloyl)-bis-(s)-(+)-valine diacid chloride and aromatic diamines. Mallakpour, Shadpour; Kowsari, Elaheh 4374
Replications and analysis of microlens array fabricated by a modified LIGA process. Kim, Dong Sung; Lee, Hyun Sup; Lee, Bong-Kee; Yang, Sang Sik; Kwon, Tai Hun; Lee, Seung S. 4416
Rheology of wood plastics melt, Part 2: effects of lubricating systems in HDPE/maple composites. Li, T.Q.; Wolcott, M.P. 5631
Rupture of nanoparticle agglomerates and formulation of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]-epoxy nanocomposites using ultrasonic cavitation approach: effects on the structural and mechanical properties. West, Richard D.; Malhotra, Vivak M. 2402
Synthesis of a novel hexaarylbiimidazole with ether groups and characterization of its photoinitiation properties for acrylate derivatives. Shi, Yongtao; Yin, Jie; Kaji, Makoto; Yori, Hanako 3419
Temperature evolution during stereolithography building with a commercial epoxy resin. Corcione, C. Esposito; Greco, A.; Maffezzoli, A. 6649
Thermoformability study of virgin and regrind high impact polystyrene coextruded sheets: influence of the number of processing cycles on the processing parameters. Soriano, Florentino; Morales, Graciela; de Leon, Ramon Diaz; Belmontes, Felipe Avalos 3462
Twin-screw extrusion production and characterization of starch foam products for use in cushioning and insulation applications. Nabar, Yogaraj; Narayan, Ramani; Schindler, Melvin 7801

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