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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (October 1, 2004)

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A method to predict triaxial residual stresses in plastic pipes. Guan, Z.W.; Boot, J.C. 6451
A parallel coextrusion technique for simultaneous measurements of radial die swell and velocity profiles of a polymer melt in a capillary rheometer. Intawong, N.-T.; Sombatsompop, N. 6786
A study on the characteristics of antiplasticized polycarbonates and their optical disk substrates. Ueda, Masaya 4588
A temperature-dependent adaptive controller. Part I: controller methodology and open-loop testing. Dubay, Rickey; Lakhram, Rodney 6962
A temperature-dependent adaptive controller. Part II: design and implementation. Dubay, Rickey; Lakhram, Rodney 4297
Bubble nucleation and growth in polymer solutions. Kim, Ki Young; Kang, Sung Lin; Kwak, Ho-Young 7041
Cold forging method for polymer microfabrication. Yao, Donggang; Nagarajan, Pratapkumar 3880
Die lines in plastics extrusion: film blowing experiments and numerical simulation. Ding, Fan; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey 8356
Dynamics of foam growth: bubble growth in a limited amount of liquid. Favelukis, Moshe 4831
Effect of the core-shell impact modifier shell thickness on toughening PVC. Lee, Juh-Shyong; Chang, Feng-Chih 2770
Flow and heat transfer simulation of injection molding with microstructures. Yu, Liyong; Lee, L. James; Koelling, Kurt W. 6714
Influence of molecular weight on strain-gradient yielding in polystyrene. Tjernlund, Jessica Agde; Gamstedt, E. Kristofer; Xu, Zhi-Hui 7324
Kinetics and modeling of the diffusion-controlled diallyl terephthalate polymerization. Hace, Iztok; Golob, Janvit; Krajnc, Matjaz 6712
Measurement and prediction of diffusion coefficients of supercritical C[O.sub.2] in molten polymers. Areerat, Surat; Funami, Eita; Hayata, Yusuke; Nakagawa, Dai; Ohshima, Masahiro 7120
Melt rheological behavior of starch-based matrix composites reinforced with short sisal fibers. Alvarez, V.A.; Terenzi, A.; Kenny, J.M.; Vazquez, A. 4106
Processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene by hot isostatic pressing, and the effect of processing parameters on its microstructure. Gul, Rizwan M.; McGarry, Frederick J. 5011
Rheology and processing of BaS[O.sub.4]-filled medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethane. Lu, Guangyu; Kalyon, Dilhan M.; Yilgor, Iskender; Yilgor, Emel 4787
Runner balancing by a direct genetic optimization of shrinkage. Alam, Kevin; Kamal, Musa R. 7773
Starch-filled ternary polymer composites. II: room temperature tensile properties. Lawrence, S.St.; Walia, P.S.; Felker, F.; Willett, J.L. 5461
The effects of polymer additives on the operating windows of slot coating. Yang, C.K.; Wong, D.S.H.; Liu, T.J. 4397
Thermal properties and crystallization behavior of polyolefin ternary blends. Ha, Man Ho; Kim, Byung Kyu 4219
Viscoelastic changes and cell opening of reacting polyurethane foams from soy oil. Singh, Ajay Pal; Bhattacharya, Mrinal 6379

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