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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 2003)

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An investigation into the relationship between the impact performance of rotationally molded polyethylene products and their dynamic mechanical properties. Pick, Louise Theresse; Harkin-Jones, Eileen 5618
Chaotic Volumetric transports in a single-screw extrusion process. Hwang, W.R.; Kwon, T.H. 9193
Compatibilizers based on polypropylene grafted with itaconic acid derivatives. Effect on polypropylene/polyethylene terephthalate blends. Yazdani-Pedram, M.; Vega, H.; Retuert, J.; Quijada, R. 2923
Cure kinetics, gelation, and glass transition of a bisphenol F epoxide. O'Brien, Daniel J.; White, Scott R. 4584
Effectiveness of functionalized polyolefins as compatibilizers for polyethylene/wood flour composites. Wang, Yeh; Yeh, Feng-C.; Lai, Sun-M.; Chan, Hsun-C.; Shan, Hsiao-F. 5013
Electrochemically synthesized polythiophene films with self-organized microstructure. Wang, Xi-Shu; Feng, Xi-Qiao 2013
Erosion and breakup of polymer drops under simple shear in high viscosity ratio systems *. Lin, Bin; Sundararaj, Uttandaraman 5794
Flexible polymer composite electromagnetic crystals. Marrett, Courtney; Moulart, Alexandre; Colton, Jonathan; Tcharkhtchi, Abbas 3913
Functionalization of high density polyethylene with maleic anhydride in the melt state through ultrasonic initiation. Zhang, Yuncan; Li, Huilin 3009
Influence of the relative humidity on film formation by vapor induced phase separation. Caquineau, H.; Menut, P.; Deratani, A.; Dupuy, C. 4877
Layered silicate nanocomposites based on various high-functionality epoxy resins: the influence of an organoclay on resin cure. Becker, Ole; Simon, George P.; Varley, Russell J.; Halley, Peter J. 6002
Mixing dynamics in the SMX static mixer as a function of injection location and flow ratio. Zalc, J.M.; Szalai, E.S.; Muzzio, F.J. 5213
Recycling of roofing membrane rubber by ultrasonic devulcanization. Yun, Jushik; Isayev, A.I. 4785
Rheological and viscoelastic properties of multiphase acrylic rubber/fluoroelastomer/polyacrylate blends. Kader, M. Abdul; Bhowmick, Anil K. 4277
Structure and properties of oriented Polyethylene films. Srinivas, Srivatsan; Brant, Patrick; Huang, Yu; Paul, Donald R. 7250
The effect of annealing on the nonlinear viscoelastic response of isotactic polypropylene. Drozdov, Aleksey D.; Christiansen, Jesper Declaville 8723
The effect of sample preparation on the mechanical properties of Nylon 66. Bates, P.J.; Wang, C.Y. 5089
Tyrosine imprinted polymer beads with different functional monomers via seed swelling and suspension polymerization. Zhang, Liyong; Cheng, Guoxiang; Fu, Cong; Liu, Xiaohang 4348
UV fluorescence monitoring of the mixing of molten polymers in a batch mixer. Cassagnau, P.; Melis, F.; Bounor-Legare, V. 3967

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