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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (June 1, 2002)

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"In-situ" monitoring of the non-isothermal crystallization of polymers by dielectric spectroscopy. Gonnet, J-M.; Guillet, J.; Sirakov, I.; Fulchiron, R.; Seytre, G. Abstract 4589
Barrier and mechanical properties of montmorillonite/polyesteramide nanocomposites. Krook, M.; Albertsson, A.C.; Gedde, U.W.; Hedenqvist, M.S. Statistical Data Included 4957
Compatibilizers for thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer/polyethylene blends prepared by reactive mixing. Son, Younggon; Weiss, R.A. 3799
Deformation and energy absorption characteristics of microcellular ethylene-octene copolymer vulcanizates. Nayak, N.C.; Tripathy, D.K. Statistical Data Included 4558
Effect of addition protocol on mixing in miscible and immiscible polymer blends. Burch, Heidi E.; Scott, Chris E. Abstract 7786
Estimation of Weibull parameters for the flexural strength of PMMA-based bone cements. Riccardi, Carmen C.; Vallo, Claudia I. Statistical Data Included 5791
Ethylene copolymers as sintering enhancers and impact modifiers for rotational molding of polyethylene. Chaudhary, Bharat Indu; Takacs, Elizabeth; Vlachopoulos, John Statistical Data Included 4753
Free radical bulk polymerization in cylindrical molds. Fontes, C.E.; Lage, P.L.C.; Pinto, J.C. Statistical Data Included 7759
Gas transport properties in chlorosulfonated polyethylene-acrylate based adhesives. Tiemblo, P.; Guzman, J.; Riande, E.; Fernandez, A.; Bosch, P. Abstract 4566
In-line monitoring of the injection molding process by dielectric spectroscopy. Gonnet, Jean-Marc; Guillet, Jacques; Raveyre, Claude; Assezat, Gilles; Fulchiron, Rene; Seytre, Gera Abstract 4510
Mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethanes containing aliphatic polycarbonate soft segments with different chemical structures. Tanaka, Hideho; Kunimura, Masaru 6103
Morphology development during blending of immiscible polymers in screw extruders. Tyagi, Sandeep; Ghosh, Anup K. Statistical Data Included 4256
Nonlinear temperature control of a batch suspension polymerization reactor. Shahrokhi, Mohammad; Fanaei, Mohammad Ali Statistical Data Included 5465
Oxidative graft polymerization of aniline on Si(100) surface modified by plasma polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate. Chen, Yongjun; Kang, E.T.; Neoh, K.G.; Zhang, Yan; Tan, K.L. Abstract 7102
Polymorphic behavior of nylon 6/saponite and nylon 6/montmorillonite nanocomposites. Wu, Tzong-Ming; Chen, Erh-Chiang; Liao, Chien-Shiun Abstract 4410
Polypropylene-(ethylene-propylene) heterophasic copolymer [PP-EP]/EVA systems. Ramirez-Vargas, E.; Medellin-Rodriguez, F.J.; Navarro-Rodriguez, D.; Avila-Orta, C.A.; Solis-Rosales Statistical Data Included 4245
Properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) paste extrudates. Ariawan, Alfonsius B.; Ebnesajjad, Sina; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G. Statistical Data Included 5128
Quantification of the slip phenomenon and the effect of shear thinning in the capillary flow of linear polyethylenes. Perez-Gonzales, Jose; Vargas, Lourdes De Abstract 3593
Relating De Mattia cut growth to network structure of crosslinked elastomers. (*). Tse, M.F.; McElrath, K.O.; Wang, H.C. Abstract 4680
Shear stress nucleation in microcellular foaming process. Chen, Lee; Wang, Xiang; Straff, Rich; Blizard, Kent Abstract 3544
SI metric units. Brief Article 305
Synthesis and properties of new soluble poly(amide-imide-imide)s. Yang, Chin-Ping; Chen, Ruei-Shin; Wei, Chi-Shu Abstract 5207
The formulation of powder coatings using solid state shear extrusion. Wojcik, B.; Teymour, F.; Arastoopour, H.; Mostovoy, S. Statistical Data Included 5564

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