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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (February 1, 2002)

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A step towards understanding the heating phase of laser transmission welding in polymers. Becker, F.; Potente, H. 3794
Analysis of multiaxial impact behavior of polymers. Duan, Y.; Saigal, A.; Greif, R.; Zimmerman, M.A. 4776
Crystallization and melting behavior of Zenite thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers(**). Pramoda, K.P.; Chung, T.S. 4726
Effect of polymer matrix on the rheology of hydroxyapatite-filled polyethylene composites. Joseph, R.; McGregor, W.J.; Martyn, M.T.; Tanner, K.E.; Coates, P.D.; Bonfield, W. 4434
Effect of thermotropic copolyesteramide on the properties of polyamide-66/liquid crystalline copolyester composites. Xie, X.L.; Li, R.K.Y.; Mai, Y.W.; Tjong, S.C. 3644
Extrusion blow molding of long fiber reinforced polyolefins. Garcia-Rejon, A.; Meddad, A.; Turcott, E.; Carmel, M. 5687
Interlaminar contact development during thermoplastic fusion bonding. Yang, F.; Pitchumani, R. 7905
Investigation of appropriate cooling times for electrofusion jointing of PE pipes for gas distribution. Higuchi, Yuji; Nishimura, Hiroyuki; Inoue, Fumio; Ishikawa, Tetsuo; Miyaki, Seiji 3141
Moisture diffusion behavior in bismaleimide resin subjected to hygrothermal cycling. Li, Yanmei; Miranda, John; Sue, Hung-Jue 3460
Numerical analysis of surface-tension-driven coating flow. Blunk, Richard H.J.; Wilkes, James O. 7029
Particle motion in the fountain flow region during filling of a tube with a viscoelastic fluid. Kolli, Venkata Giri; Ogadhoh, Shem O.; Abel, Steve M.; Gadala-Maria, Francis; Papathanasiou, Thanasi 4669
Phase Separation and gelation of epoxy resin/hyperbranched polymer blends. Mezzenga, Raffaele; Luciani, Andre; Manson, Jan-Anders E. 4435
Plasma surface treatments of melt-extruded sheets of Poly(L-Lactic acid). Hirotsu, Toshihiro; Nakayama, Kazuo; Tsujisaka, Toshiyuki; Mas, Andre; Schue, Francois 4053
Polyimide and Nylon 6 blend film: Preparation, Characterization and Thermal behavior. Niyogi, Sobhan; Maiti, Sukumar; Adhikari, Basudam 5141
Relating the generation of dynamic strain energy to crack propagation in polymers. Dear, John P. 6248
Structure and mechanical properties of blends of an amorphous polyamide and a liquid crystalline polymer. Garcia, M.; Eguiazabal, J.I.; Nazabal, J. 5166
The effect of stoichiometry on the fracture toughness of a liquid crystalline epoxy. Robinson, Elizabeth J.; Douglas, Elliot P.; Mecholsky, John J. Jr. 6358
Tools for multiaxial validation of behavior laws chosen for modeling hyper-elasticity of rubber-like materials. Chevalier, L.; Marco, Y. 6241
Verification of extensional viscosity effects in injection mold filling simulation. Moller, James C.; Lee, Daeyong 8073

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