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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (May 1, 2001)

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3-D Non-Isothermal Flow Field Analysis and Mixing Performance Evaluation of Kneading Blocks in a Co-rotating Twin Srew Extruder. ISHIKAWA, TAKESHI; KIHARA, SHIN-ICHI; FUNATSU, KAZUMORI 3648
A Theoretical and Experimental Heat of Mixing Study for Polymer-Polymer Mixtures. TAIMOORI, M.; MODARRESS, H.; SABOURY, A. A.; MOOSAVI-MOVAHEDI, A. A. 4507
A Two-Zone Melting Model for Polymer Blends in a Batch Mixer. LI, HUXI; HU, GUO-HUA 5081
An Investigation of Heat Transfer Effects in Isothermal Crystallization Studies of Low-Density Polyethylene. GRADY, B.P.; GENETTI, W. B.; LAMIRAND, R. J.; SHAH, M. 6849
Association Between Plasticized Starch and Polyesters: Processing and Performances of Injected Biodegradable Systems. AVEROUS, LUC; FRINGANT, CHRISTOPHE Statistical Data Included 3683
Creep and Stress Relaxation in Methacrylate Polymers: Two Mechanisms of Relaxation Behavior Across the Glass Transition Region. HIGGENBOTHAM-BERTOLUCC, P. R.; GAO, H.; HARMON, J. P. 4701
Cure Kinetics and Physical Properties of Dicyanate/Polyetherimide Semi-IPNs. KIM, DAE-SU; CHOI, KHEE-HWAN 2626
Cure Kinetics Modeling of Epoxy Resins Using a Non-Parametric Numerical Procedure. SKORDOS, A. A.; PARTRIDGE, I. K. 5224
Effective Properties of Cellular Materials. SCHJODT-THOMSEN, J.; PYRZ, R. 3967
Erratum. 84
Foaming of Low-Density Polyethylene in a Dynamic Decompression and Cooling Process. SONG, KWANGJIN; APFEL, ROBERT E. 4578
Fusion Bonding of Polyamide 12. ZANETTO, J.-E.; PLUMMER, C. J. G.; BOURBAN, P.-E.; MANSON, J.-A. E. 4228
Geometric Mean vs. Arithmetic Mean in Extrusion Residence Time Studies. UNLU, EMINE; FALLER, JAMES F. Statistical Data Included 5608
Industrial High Pressure Ethylene Polymerization Initiated By Peroxide Mixtures: A Reduced Mathematical Model For Parameter Adjustment. ASTEASUAIN, M.; PEREDA, S.; LACUNZA, M. H.; UGRIN, P. E.; BRANDOLIN, A. Statistical Data Included 8521
Modeling of Structural Reaction Injection Molding Process. I. Mathematical Model. MALKIN, ALEXANDER YA.; KUZNETSOV, VICTOR V. 4336
Nonisothermal Crystallization Kinetics of PEO in Ethylene Terephthalate-Ethylene Oxide Segmented Copolymers. KONG, XIAOHUA; YANG, XIAONIU; ZHOU, ENLE; MA, DEZHU 3157
Numerical Simulation of Moving Free Surface Problems in Polymer Processing Using Volume-of-Fluid Method. KIM, JU MIN; AHN, KYUNG HYUN; LEE, SEONG JAE; LEE, SEUNG JONG 3972
Pre-melting Temperature Effect on the Isothermal Melt Crystallization and Multiple Melting Behavior of Syndiotactic Polystyrene. CHIU, FANG-CHYOU; SHEN, KUAN-YEU; TSAI, STANLEY H. Y.; CHEN, CHIEN-MING 5148
Recycled and Restabilized HDPE Bottle Crates: Retention of Critical Properties After Heat Aging. KARTALIS, C. N.; PAPASPYRIDES, C. D.; PFAENDNER, R.; HOFFMANN, K.; HERBST, H. 3993
Shrinkage Behavior and Optimization of Injection Molded Parts Studied by the Taguchi Method. CHANG, TAO C.; FAISON, ERNEST III Statistical Data Included 4170
Surface Structure and Adhesive Properties of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film Grafted With Poly(Acrylic Amide) Using Corona Discharge. LEI, JINGXIN; HE, GUANGJIAN; LI, QIMAN; LIN, XIAOHONG 1546
Ultrasonic Monitoring of the Seal Quality in Flexible Food Packages. OZGULER, AYHAN; MORRIS, SCOTT A.; O'BRIEN, JR., WILLIAM D. 4730
Visual Analysis of Cavity Filling and Packing Process in Injection Molding of Thermoset Phenolic Resin by the Gate-Magnetization Method. OHTA, TAKASHI; YOKOI, HIDETOSHI 4287

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