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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (July 1, 2000)

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A Preliminary Investigation of Conductive Immiscible Polymer Blends as Sensor Materials. SRIVASTAVA, S.; TCHOUDAKOV, R.; NARKIS, M. 2756
Binary Blends of Metallocene Polyethylene With Conventional Polyolefins: Rheological and Morphological Properties. KWAG, HANJIN; RANA, DIPAK; CHO, KYUCHEOL; RHEE, JANGWEON; WOO, TAEWOO; LEE, BYUNG H.; CHOE, SOONJA 3811
Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide and Propylene Oxide Using Various Zinc Glutarate Derivatives as Catalysts. REE, M.; BAE, J.Y.; JUNG, J.H.; SHIN, T.J.; HWANG, Y.-T.; CHANG, T. 5578
Deformational Behavior of Polyolefins at High Temperature and Strain Rate: Experimental Analysis and Constitutive Laws. BRIATICO-VANGOSA, FRANCESCO; RINK, MARTA; D'ORIA, FRANCESCO; VERZELLI, ALBERTO 4308
Draft Angle and Surface Roughness Effects on Stereolithography Molds. CEDORGE, THOMAS; COLTON, JONATHAN 2755
Effect of Structure Modification on Rheological Properties of Biodegradable Poly(ester-urethane). HELMINEN, ANTTI; KYLMA, JANNE; TUOMINEN, JUKKA; SEPPALA, JUKKA V. 4839
Elongational Behavior of Polyethylene Melts--Effect of Deformation. MICIC, P.; BHATTACHARYA, S.N. 3726
Flow Behavior of LCP Melts and Its Influence on Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Injection Molded Parts [*]. NGUYEN, T. N.; GEIGER, K.; WALTHER, TH. 4608
Influence of Low Molecular Weight ABS Species on Properties of PC/ABS Systems. GRECO, ROBERTO; IAVARONE, MICHELE 6098
Influence of Rheological Properties On the Sagging of Polypropylene and ABS Sheet for Thermoforming Applications. LAU, H.C.; BHATTACHARYA, S.N.; FIELD, G.J. 3748
Interface in Mechanically Fastened Polymer Joint, Studied by Contact Electrical Resistance Measurement. LUO, XIANGCHENG; CHUNG, D.D.L. 1975
Mechanical and Thermal Anisotropy for Uniaxially and Biaxially Drawn PET. Ellis, John W.; PICOT, J.J.C. 2815
Mechanical Properties and Interfacial Interaction of [CaCO.sub.3] Filled HDPE Compatibilized With HDPE Functionalized by Ultraviolet Irradiation [*]. LEI, JINGXIN; ZHOU, RONG 2003
Modeling of the Mechanical Response and Evolution of Optical Anisotropy in Deformed Polyaniline. MAKRADI, A.; AHZI, S.; GREGORY, R. V. 4630
Molar Mass of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) During Ultimate Uniaxial Drawing. GOSOHEL, ULRICH 4492
Nature of Contact Between Polymer and Mold in Injection Molding. Part I: Influence of a Non-perfect Thermal Contact. DELAUNAY, D.; BOT, P. LE; FULCHIRON, R.; LUYE, J. F.; REGNIER, G. Statistical Data Included 4829
Nature of Contact Between Polymer and Mold in Injection Molding. Part II: Influence of Mold Deflection on Pressure History and Shrinkage. DELAUNAY, D.; BOT, P. LE; FULCHIRON, R.; LUYE, J. F.; REGNIER, G. 3901
Nondestructive Testing of Polyaramide Cables by Longitudinal Wave Propagation: Study of the Dynamic Modulus. FERREIRA, M.; LAM, T.M.; KONCAR, V.; DELVAEL, Y. 2168
Peroxide-Catalyzed Swell Grafting of Maleic Anhydride Onto Polypropylene. KO, TZE-MAN; NING, PING 3215
Polystyrene Microcellular Plastic Generation by Quick-Heating Process at High Temperature. SUMARNO; SUNADA, TOMOKO; SATO, YOSHIYUKI; TAKISHIMA, SHIGEKI; MASUOKA, HIROKATSU 5020
Silane Grafting and Moisture Crosslinking of Polypropylene. BELTRAN, M.; MIJANGOS, C. 3320
Synthesis of Poly(2,5-di-n-butoxy-p-phenylene vinylene) and Its Application in Light-Emitting Diodes. WANG, GUOJIE; HUANG, JINGSONG; LI, MIN; CHEN, XINFANG; LIU, SHIYONG 2904
The Effects of Dual-Orifice Air-Ring Design on Blown Film Cooling. SIDIROPOULOS, V.; VLACHOPOULOS, J. 3210
Thermal, Mechanical, and Diffusional Properties of Nylon 6/ABS Polymer Blends: Compatibilizer Effect. JANG, SEUNG PHIL; KIM, DUKJOON 2903

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