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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (June 1, 1998)

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A study of sub-T(sub g) heat flow transition of cured epoxy resin. Chen, Xiangxu; Li, Shanjun 4231
Distributive mixing in conveying elements of a ZSK-53 co-rotating twin screw extruder. Cheng, Hongfei; Manas-Zloczower, Ica 3366
Effects of surface functional groups on film formation and tensile strength development in reactive latex systems. Park, Young-Jun; Kim, Jung-Hyun 3060
Heat transfer coefficient in a high pressure tubular reactor for ethylene polymerization. Lacunza, Marta H.; Ugrin, Pedro E.; Brandolin, Adriana; Capiati, Numa J. 9891
Identification of off-flavor compounds in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with different amounts of abscents. Villberg, Kirsi; Veijanen, Anja; Gustafsson, Irma 1809
Influence of design on dispersive mixing performance in an axial discharge continuous mixer - LCMAX 40. Yao, Chih-Hsiang; Manas-Zloczower, Ica 2374
Kinetics of forming poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) oligomer in the presence of MBTO catalyst. Park, Sang Soon; Jun, Ho Wook; Im, Seung Soon 4084
Kinetics of polyesterification of adipic acid with 1,3-butanediol. Bacaloglu, Radu; Fisch, Michael; Biesiada, Keith 4359
Mechanism of corona treatment on polyolefin films. Zhang, Dong; Sun, Qin; Wadsworth, Larry C. 4625
Polymer weld strength predictions using a thermal and polymer chain diffusion analysis. Ezekoye, O.A.; Lowman, C.D.; Fahey, M.T.; Hulme-Lowe, A.G. 8981
Preparation and characterization of LDPE/starch blends containing ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer as compatibilizer. Prinos, J.; Bikiaris, D.; Theologidis, S.; Panayiotou, C. 5962
Studies on high density polyethylene/polycarbonate blend system compatibilized with low density polyethylene grafted diallyl bisphenol A ether. Yang, Mingbo; Li, Zhongming; Feng, Jianming 2047
Theoretical analysis of the thermally induced delamination of polymeric coatings in double-coated optical fibers. Shiue, Sham-Tsong 2712
Thermal and intrinsic stress. Shi, Frank F.; Economy, James 2771
Thermomechanical properties of a magnetically and mechanically oriented liquid crystalline copolyester, Xydar. Kossikhina, Svetlana A.; Kimura, Tsunehisa; Ito, Eiko; Kawahara, Masanori 3678

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