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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (April 1, 1998)

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"In-out" recursive probability modeling of branched step-growth polymerizations. Miller, Douglas R.; Sarmoria, Claudia 16048
A parametric study of the shock characteristics of expandable polystyrene foam protective packaging. Lye, S.W.; Lee, S.G.; Tor, S.B. 3583
A study on the ternary blends of nylon 6, a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer, and a thermoplastic elastomer. Seo, Yongsok; Kim, Kwang Ung 4910
A systematic approach for the design of a spiral mandrel die. Huang, Chung-Ching 4550
Burst pressure prediction of polyamide pipes. Germain, Y. 2529
Dynamic and isothermal thermogravimetric analysis of a polycyanurate thermosetting system. Zacharia, R.E.; Simon, S.L. 4028
Growth of individual spherulites. Swaminarayan, Sriram; Charbon, Christian 6921
Microcellular sheet extrusion system process design models for shaping and cell growth control. Baldwin, Daniel F.; Park, Chul B.; Suh, Nam P. 9291
Non-isothermal polymer crystallization kinetics and Avrami master curves. Lambrigger, Markus 3088
Polymer blends of PA6 and PPE compatibilized by poly[methylene(phenylene isocyanate)] (PMPI) coupler. Chiang, Chih-Rong; Ju, Ming-Yih; Chang, Feng-Chih 5779
Radiation effects on low refractive index, fluorinated methacrylate polymers for fiber cladding. Bertolucci, P.R.H.; Harmon, J.P.; Biagtan, E.; Schueneman, G.; Goldberg, E.; Schuman, P.; Schuman, W 3766
Shear viscosity of carbon black filled polypropylene at very low shear stresses. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. 2740
Shear viscosity of rubber modified thermoplastics: dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers and ABS resins at very low stress. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. 2261
Simultaneous interpenetrating polymer networks of epoxy and N-phenylmaleimide-styrene copolymers. Sung, Po-Hou; Chao, Wei-Liang; Chen, Yun-Yuan 2087
Solidification of a macroscopic part. Charbon, Christian; Swaminarayan, Sriram 8099
Stress monitoring in thin polymer coatings using time resolved fluorescence. Shiga, Tohru; Narita, Takeshi; Ikawa, Taiji; Okada, Akane 3025
The influence of extrusion parameters on the mechanical properties of polypropylene sheet. Macauley, N.J.; Harkin-Jones, E.M.A.; Murphy, W.R. 8052
The mechanism of triallylcyanurate as a coagent in EPDM peroxide vulcanization. Murgic, Zlata Hrnjak; Jelencic, Jasenka; Murgic, Leonard 1770
Two-stage crystallization kinetics modeling of a miscible blend system containing crystallizable poly(butylene terephthalate). Woo, Eamor M.; Yau, Shang N. 4461

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